“Ultimate Chaos” live play-by-play and results

“Ultimate Chaos” took place Sat., June 27, 2009, at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Miss. and PRO MMA (promma.info) has the live round-by-round updates and results of the event.

Stand-outs on the card included Tom Atencio and Randy Hedderick in what was arguably the “fight of the night.” The fight went back and forth with Atencio getting dropped twice in the opening round.  However, “The T-Shirt Guy” rebounded strong and came back in round two with some great striking that ultimately led to his TKO victory.

Gilbert Yvel looked amazing with a devastating knock out victory over Pedro Rizzo and Bobby Lashley took Bob “The Beast” Sapp down in the opening seconds of round 1 where he pounded “The Beast” into tapping out due to strikes (twice).

“Ultimate Chaos” Quick Results:

James Orso def. Danny Abaddi by unanimous decision
Brandon Harder def. John Harris by arm triangle rd2
Tom Atencio def. Randy Hedderick by TKO rd2
Waachim Spiritwolf def. Brett Cooper by KO rd1
Chris Horodecki def. William Sriyapai by rear-naked choke rd1
Javier Vazquez def. Mark Kergosien by guillotine choke rd1
Colin McKee def. Lance Thompson by submission (strikes) rd1
Gilbert Yvel def. Pedro Rizzo by knockout rd1
Bobby Lashley def. Bob Sapp by submission (strikes) rd1

James Orso vs. Danny Abbadi
Round 1 – Couple of big left hands by Orso then he gets a takedown. Orso remains in the guard most of the time, standing up occasionally to throw some punches.
Round 2 – Head kick by Abaddi, clinch, they trade some shots then Orso takes Abaddi down. Orso attempts a guillotine but no dice. Ref stands them up. Right hand by Abaddi and then a takedown by Abaddi.
Round 3 – Right hand by Orso. Leg kick from Abaddi. Orso shoots and Abaddi goes for a guillotine. It’s tight but Orso finally escapes. Orso in Abaddi’s guard looking for ground and pound. Abaddi seems content on the bottom. Orso keeps up the ground and pound for the rest of the round. James Orso defeats Danny Abaddi by unanimous decision (30-27,29-28,29-28).

Brandon Harder vs. John Harris
Round 1 – It’s an all out war. Both fighters come out VERY aggressive. The fight went back and forth with both guys landing big shots. Harder got the takedown and took Harris’ back as the bell sounds.
Round 2 – Harder with the takedown, then a takedown by Harris. Harris gets full mount and some light ground and pound. Harder reverses and gets full mount himself but his ground and pound is much better. Harder sinks in an arm triangle and Harris taps out. Brandon Harder defeats John Harris by arm triangle submission in round 2 (4:31).

Tom Atencio vs. Randy Hedderick
Round 1 – An incredible round. Tom Atencio got dropped early in the round. He appeared hurt badly but survived through it, recovered and came back very aggressive. Hedderick got the round with two knockdowns but Atencio showed a ton of heart.
Round 2 – Atencio came back this round very strong, scored a takedown and got some great ground and pound as the bell sounded. Atencio went for a rear naked choke at one point in the round but Hedderick got on top but Atencio escaped. Hedderick can not answer the bell for round 3. Tom Atencio defeats Randy Hedderick by TKO in round 2 (5:00).

Brett Cooper vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf
Round 1 – Much of the round was spent in the clinch and stand up grappling. Spiritwolf snapped Cooper’s head a few times with some good shots. Cooper threw a flying knee and Spiritwolf countered with a big shot and Cooper goes down, he’s out. Waachim Spiritwolf defeats Brett Cooper by knockout in round 1 (3:41).

Chris Horodecki vs. William Sriyapai
Round 1 – Horodecki gets a great takedown early in the round. The rest of the round is spent with Sriyapai defending the rear naked choke, which he defends very well. But Horodecki perseveres and with just :58 seconds left, Horodecki gets the arm underneath the chin, sinks in the choke and Sriyapai taps out. Chris “The Polish Hammer” Horodecki defeats William Sriyapai by rear naked choke submission in round 1 (4:02).

Din Thomas was not able to make the weight for his first fight at 145 lbs. and became ill. He ended up having to go to the hospital. Mark Kergosien steps in for Din Thomas to fight Javier Vazquez.

Mark Kergosien vs. Javier Vazquez
Round 1 – Kergosien for some reason shoots in on Vazquez and tries to get him to the ground. He almost has Vazquez down but Vazquez stands back up against the cage and has Kergosien’s head in a guillotine position. Vazquez drops down to lock in the guillotine, Kergosien flips over to escape but Vazquez holds on and taps out Kergosien from a top guillotine. Javier Vazquez defeats Mark Kergosien by guillotine choke submission in round 1 (0:59).

Colin McKee vs. Lance Thompson
Round 1 – McKee with a takedown but Thompson pops up, they clinch, McKee gets another takedown. McKee attempts a choke but Thompson reverses. They stand. Thompson shoots, McKee sprawls. Thompson gets a takedown. They stand briefly in the clinch, McKee drops to his knees and gives up his back. Thompson starts hitting him in the sides of the head and Thompson taps out. Colin McKee defeats Lance Thompson by submission (strikes) in round 1 (4:16).

Why Thompson tapped out from those strikes is pretty confusing. The shots did not appear that hard and we see people take these types of shots all the time. Very strange.

Gilbert Yvel vs. Pedro Rizzo
Round 1 – Both guys look in great shape. Yvel gets dropped to his back early from a leg sweep. Ground and pound from Rizzo. Rizzo is in Yvel’s guard but stands up to get some room. But Yvel stands up and chases Rizzo. He throws a high kick that misses Rizzo. Rizzo shoots in a sloppy shot and sort of falls to his back. Yvel connect with a huge right hand as Rizzo is on his back. One, two, three, four big right hand punches and Rizzo is out cold on his back. Gilbert Yvel defeats Pedro Rizzo by knockout in round 1 (2:10).

Bobby Lashley vs. Bob Sapp
Round 1 – It’s the “Battle of the Bobs.” Here we go. Lashley immediately shoots in and gets the takedown. Lashley with the elbows and punches. A few boos from the crowd. Lashley is in Sapp’s half guard. Sapp taps once but the ref doesn’t see it. About 30 seconds later Sapp taps again due to the strikes. Bobby Lashley defeats Bob Sapp by submission (strikes) in round 1 (3:17).

The main event between Lashley and Sapp was definitely a bit anti-climactic. Lashley had been saying he was going to go toe to toe with Sapp, but that wasn’t the case. He said afterwards, this wasn’t the fight to showcase his striking, there will be plenty of time for that. He needed to take the fight where he had the advantage which was on the ground. Lashley said after the fight he would like to fight two more times this year.

All in all though there were some really good fights. Tom Atencio probably impressed me as much as anyone on this card. Watch out for Gilbert Yvel too. That guy is beasting!

By:  Jack Bratcher

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