“Ultimate Chaos” weigh-in results & press conference quotes

PRO MMA (promma.info) has received the weigh-in results from “Ultimate Chaos” which takes place Sat., June 27, 2009, at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Miss. The weigh-ins took place Friday, and as we reported would be the case on Tuesday, Bob Sapp came in the lightest weight of his career at 322 lbs. Considering their were several catch-weight fights, all fighters successfully made weight.

Bobby Lashley 255.4 lbs. vs. Bob Sapp 322.2 lbs.
Gilbert Yvel 237 lbs. vs. Pedro Rizzo 243.6 lbs.
Din Thomas 146.6 lbs. vs. Javier Vasquez 144.8 lbs.
Chris Hordecki 155 lbs. vs. William Sriyapai 154.8 lbs.
Brett Cooper 169.2 lbs. vs. Waachiim Spirit Wolf 168.4 lbs.
Tom Atencio 160.4 lbs. vs. Randy Hedderick 159 lbs.
John Harris 154.2 lbs. vs. Brandon Harder 154.2 lbs.
James Orso 173.2 lbs. vs. Danny Abbadi 174.6 lbs.
Eric Bradley 170.4 lbs. vs. Kelly Leo 168.4 lbs.
Colin McKee 174.2 lbs. vs. Lance Thompson 172 lbs.
Eric Graham 159 lbs. vs. Drew Wallace 159 lbs.
Greg Maher 265.2 lbs. vs. Rocky Overstreet 253.4 lbs.

Non U.S. residents can watch “Ultimate Chaos” online in a LIVE WEBCAST Saturday night, June 27, 2009.

Here are fighters quotes from Thursday’s final press conference:

Bob Sapp: “That’s Bob ‘The Beast’ Sapp. He’s looking for a train wreck; I’m the train that’s going to wreck him. He’s expecting me to go three rounds…..no. I’m going to knock him out. He’s looking for me? He’ll see me after I knock him out and he’s laying there looking up at me. Everybody’s going to see what ‘Ultimate Chaos’ means….me and Bobby Lashley.”

Bobby Lashley: “I’m excited to be on this card with so many great fighters. It’s a great card. Me and Bob aren’t looking to be fight of the year. We’re looking for a train wreck…chaos! I’ve trained very hard with my team in Colorado. I’m ready to go three rounds. I hope he’s (Bob) ready to go because I’m taking him into deep water.”

Pedro Rizzo: “I’m happy to be here. I’ve trained real hard. I’m sure Yvel has trained hard, too. We’re going to put on a battle Saturday night. Let’s see what’s going on.”

Din Thomas: “Pronounced, Dean, not Din.”

Javier Vasquez: “Sorry, Tom, the fight of the night is between me and Din Thomas. I hope you’re ready (Din). It will be the fight of the night.”

Tom Atencio: “I appreciate what everybody has done here. I, too, look forward to it being fight of the night and we’ll see what happens.”

Randy Hedderick: “I want to thank Tom for this fight. I love giving everybody a good show and hopefully it will be the fight of the night.”

Brett Cooper: “I’m a California boy. I’m fighting Waachim Spirit Wolf. He’s a tough guy…..Native American. I break people’s spirits and that’s what I’m going to do Saturday. I’m looking forward to it.”

William Sriyapai: “We’re going to, hopefully, have a stand-up fight. You never know, it may go to the ground. It’s going to be a good exciting fight for everybody.”

Danny Abbadi: “I’m excited. Actually, it’s a rematch with James Orso. That was a split decision. I’m going to win this one in the first round.”