“I always seem to fight assholes.” This was Baroni’s response to comments made about him by his opponent Joe Riggs.  The war of words has been flying between the two welterweights this past week.  Riggs was a no-show for Tuesday’s STRIKEFORCE: LAWLER vs. SHIELDS conference call and Baroni stated, “I hope they have a back-up in case he misses his fight like he missed today’s call.”

Baroni was in rare form. One of the funniest moments of Tuesday’s conference call was when he halted the questioning for a moment to ask Sherdog reporter Loretta Hunt what she was wearing. Known for his ability to “sell” and “talk up” a fight, Baroni offered to give Shields and Lawler hype lessons. He also made known his dislike for long time MMA journalist Eddie Goldman. Oh yeah, Shields and Lawler were also on the call. As usual, PRO MMA (promma.info) has it all for your listening pleasure right here:  

STRIKEFORCE: LAWLER vs. SHIELDS – conference call

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