"Fast" Eddie's Brock Lesnar chest hair tattoo

THE INFO returned to the air waves this week with guest Chris Tessaro. The co-host of “The Hardcore Poker Show” enlightened Matt De La Rosa and “Fast” Eddie Constantine on the infamous Ultimate Bet cheating scandal, Full Tilt poker and the two companies’ relationships with the UFC. Tessaro and the guys also discussed THE INFO’s UFC 98 prop bet outcome, UFC 100, the WSOP main event, Ricco Rodriguez and gambling’s impact on professional sports.

THE INFO episode 21

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Catch the rest of “Fast” Eddie’s chest hair tattoo after the jump….

5 thoughts on “THE INFO episode 21: featuring “The Hardcore Poker Show” co-host Chris Tessaro”
  1. That is the most disturbing thing I’ve EVER seen!! LOL!

  2. Believe it or not I was sober when doing this! You are going down next time DLR!

  3. hahahaaa omg Eddie, that is so wrong. But, at least your phallic creation will go away! Unlike waking up the next day saying…”omg i have a cock on my chest for the rest of my life”. lol

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