Soares says Rashad Evans is no joke

In anticipation of UFC 98, Pro MMA Radio host Larry Pepe spoke earlier this week with mixed martial arts manager Ed Soares, who manages Lyoto Machida. However, their conversation started off talking about one of Ed’s other and probably most well-known clients, Anderson “The Spider” Siva.¬†

It seems the UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is currently in the Mojave Desert filming a pilot. According to Ed Soares, Silva’s manager, the film is set back in ancient times following the death of Christ and Silva plays a character who works for a King.

Soares said they are using a new type of technical filming where they use a lot of “green screens” and he is looking forward to see how it turns out. He said they are shooting a three or four minute pilot that could be turned into an Internet series or possibly a movie.

MMA fans need not fear “The Spider” could go the way of Cung Le and stop fighting to go the way of acting. “No, he’s a fighter first and foremost. He likes to try different things, he loves doing paintball. This project only took about four or five days to do. He just likes to try different things and he’s enjoying the experience of being able to do this kind of stuff.”

Editor’s Note: Anderson is a natural performer who loves to have fun and would probably make a good actor. Evidence to support this can clearly be seen in this recent video of his fighter impersonations.

The topic of when Anderson Silva may retire came up. Soares said Anderson has four fights left on his contract including his upcoming bout with Forrest Griffin and once the contract is fulfilled then they will see. His goal was to have the “option” to retire once he reached 35-years-of-age and as a manager, Soares wants to help Anderson reach that goal financially and by achieving his MMA goals. As far as if “The Spider” will hang up the MMA gloves once he fulfills his current contract, “We will have to wait and see.”

Although Anderson has no objections to fighting at light heavyweight and will be fighting the former champion of that division (Griffin) on August 8th in Philadelphia at UFC 101, one light heavyweight fighter he will not get in the Octagon with, is his friend Lyoto Machida. And according to Soares, who also manages Machida, “The Dragon” feels the same loyalty toward Anderson. The two will never meet inside a cage or ring.

Soares went on to discuss the magnitude and enormity of Lyoto Machida and his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans, “I don’t think we’re ever going to experience this in our lifetime again, to see an undefeated champion fight an undefeated challenger. And not just any undefeated champion and undefeated challenger, I mean let’s look at these guys’ resumes. They’ve knocked out or beaten the who’s who of the sport.”

According to Soares the real winner in this fight will be the fans, “I think this fight is actually a gift for all the MMA fans out there and I don’t think we’re ever going to see an undefeated champion take on an undefeated challenger again in our lifetime, not at an event or at the level of fighting for the UFC World Championship. I think this could be one of those fights people talk about for the rest of our lives.”

Machida has gone through a natural progression and evolution inside the Octagon. “His training is getting better, he’s wiser, he’s stronger, he’s faster. He’s invested in himself. He’s doing everything right. He’s eating the right food. He’s working out with new strength and conditioning coaches. And he’s just improving on his things, on his agility,” said Soares.

As Machida’s manager, Soares realizes the talent of his opponent and gives Rashad a ton of respect, “I think we’re going to see a great Lyoto out there. And I hope so. Lyoto is gonna have to be at the best of his game if he’s going to go out there and beat Rashad Evans because Rashad Evans is no joke. I don’t think either one should be favored. I think both of these guys are very talented guys, young, explosive, strong, with plenty of gas. I think it’s going to be a tough fight.”

Ed Soares also manages “Big Nog”, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as well as Paulo Filho. He shed some light on Nogueira’s last performance against Frank Mir as well as his upcoming fight against Randy Couture and he gave an update on the status of Filho an what the future holds for him.

To hear the complete interview with Ed Soares and the entire Pro MMA Radio episode 47 (which also includes interviews with Krzysztof Soszynski and Chael Sonnen) go HERE.

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By:  Jack Bratcher

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