See “The Axe Murderer” fight a heavyweight for free

Are you a Wanderlei Silva fan? Would you like to see “The Axe Murderer” fight in person, for free? Well, you are in luck! In a recent video blog, Wanderlei announced that he will be holding a three round hard sparring event at his Las Vegas gym, free and open to the public, on Thursday May 21st, at 8 pm.

Silva explains that he will be sparring against a professional, heavyweight opponent who is currently training for an upcoming fight for Strikeforce. Without revealing the name of his sparring partner, Wanderlei does say that the opponent has a record of 23-6 and has a strong wrestling base. He will outweigh Silva by 40lbs and has a two inch height advantage.

Silva goes on to say, “Every week I am going to train with the same guy three rounds, all serious, no stop, same as a fight, for to test. This guy is 240lbs, professional, he is going to fight in the next few months.”

Wanderlei Silva believes that fighters often get nervous when fighting in front of the public on fight night. A way to fix that, he figures, will be to host these three five-minute rounds sparring matches, open to the public, to help the fighters from his team overcome the nervousness of the fight.

Wanderlei is currently in training for his upcoming fight against Rich Franklin at UFC 99 in Cologne, Germany on June 13th. After recently announcing his drop to the middleweight division, he will fight Franklin at a catchweight of 195 lbs.

If you would like to see a true MMA superstar train, up close and personal, and for free, then this is your opportunity. Wanderlei’s gym, Wand Fight Team, is located at 4631 DEAN MARTIN DR. SUITE 300, LAS VEGAS, NV 89103.