Since being ostracized by both the UFC and Bellator, War Machine has hit the local circuit. This past weekend he made his UWC debut at their “Capital Punishment” card. He had a little more trouble than expected with Reshad Woods, but in the end was able to finish the fight in the second round. The always outspoken, War Machine, talked to reporters after his fight. PRO MMA ( staff writer Richard Mann was there.

During the fight War Machine continually pressed forward trying to take Woods to the ground. Apparently, this was his strategy going into the fight. Machine told reporters, “I knew he was a kick boxer, and he he’s got a long reach on me. So, you know, I just wanted to get it on the ground. That’s where I’m stronger than him.”

He explained the ground was where he felt comfortable, “I knew I was going to have better ground ability than him. So, whenever I was on the ground I felt more comfortable. He is a tough guy on his feet.”

War Machine felt that toughness when he got caught with knees from Woods’ muay thai clinch. Machine claimed that it was a necessary risk, “I wanted to clinch, because I wanted to take him down. So… I’m kind of confused right now.” The confusion came from memory loss caused by the knees. When asked what surprised him, Machine said, “I’m not that good on memory yet, but my corner man told me he took me down. That surprised me.”

Recently War Machine has claimed he is going to try to improve his imagine. When asked about his role in that endeavor he said his responsibility is “getting a few more wins and putting a filter over my mouth. I think a lot of crazy thoughts, sometimes I say them and I shouldn’t.” When asked about his blogs he said, “they are toned down,” and a corner man interjected “they are edited by management.”

War Machine told PRO MMA ( a couple of weeks ago he has been approached by some of the larger MMA shows. Machine confirmed this fact by saying, “I’ve been approached by a lot of people, Affliction, Strikeforce, and stuff, but I’m taking the year to travel around to get some more W’s and some more confidence. I still need a lot of seasoning.”

He indicated his next fight would be against Roger Bowling in the Ohio based promotion “MMA Big Show” on June 20th. There will certainly be more War Machine this year as he said, “I’m trying to fight every month man!”

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