“Pro MMA Radio” host Larry Pepe talked with Strikeforce middleweight Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith in Monday night’s “Toe-to-Toe” segment.

The two discussed Smith’s recent come-from-behind win against tough middleweight Benji Radach, what it was like having so many friends and family members live at his last fight, and who he sees himself fighting in the future.

Scott Smith recently fought the very tough knockout artist Benji Radach at “Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz” on April 11th in San Jose, California. Both fighters are known for their battles inside the cage and their long list of knockouts. Smith was losing the fight, but recovered enough in the third round to catch Radach and win the fight with yet another KO.

Although Smith was happy with the victory, he admitted Radach hit as hard as his trainer Bas Rutten said he did, “Ya, I’ll have to second Bas on that, he definitely hits hard. He had me rocked, dang near knocked out at least twice in the fight. Even just his jab is pretty stiff, he is definitely heavy handed,” Smith said.

Smith said he did not remember too much of the fight with Radach and for most of the fight he was seeing double and triple vision. He even admitted when the fight was originally stopped he thought he won with a knockout about a minute into the second round, when in actuality he won 3:24 into the third.

One of the fights Smith is remembered most for is his fight in the UFC with Pete “Drago” Sell where he was injured by a body shot, but recovered enough to knock out Sell. He believes that fight has worked in his favor because now it seems guys may be a little tentative to try and finish him. He was surprised that Radach did not make more of an attempt to finish him off.

Smith was able to put on his latest performance in front of more than 100 members of his friends and family in his home state. Smith confirms “It was cool to have everyone there,” and surprisingly he suggests there was no added pressure. “It’s all the same for me, it does not matter if I’m the home town favorite or if I’m going into their home town. It does not matter too much to me. I try to use it to my advantage, if I could, to pump me up a little bit,” Smith said.

Scott Smith had two special guests at the Strikeforce event, his two sons Scotty Jr. who is 12 and Mikey who is 5. Smith stated he tried to use his kids being there as emotional motivation in the fight. After the fight he brought his kids to the locker room where 5-year-old Mikey told his dad he seriously needed to look in the mirror because he looked horrible.

About his future plans, Smith admitted it is probably too soon for another fight with Robbie Lawler since he was Lawler’s last fight. Smith lost that fight and Lawler would not really gain anything from fighting him again at this point.

However, he would not be surprised if he were to fight fellow Strikeforce middleweight Joey Villaseñor. Smith said he is just very grateful that Strikeforce has come along and he has been able to up his marketability.

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By:  Tim Thompson

By Jack Bratcher


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