The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs U.K.- Episode 3 recap

The episode starts at the house as the American team arrives, followed by the arrival of team U.K. shortly after.

Both teams start off with introductions and handshakes as the alcohol is being poured and served. Santino DeFranco remarks that, “the Brits are cool, you know, I don’t understand a lot of what they say, but you know, they have a fun accent, and it keeps things interesting.”

As the guys congregate on the basketball court for some hoops, we see why the British are more known for their soccer skills and not their hoop skills. Within minutes, eggs come flying from the balcony, and the drama begins.

The egg tosser is none other then Rob Browning, Junie’s younger brother. We are off to the races, as some of the British fighters are playing a game of pool, until Rob grabs the pool ball and throws it across the table, causing a f-bomb laced face off with one of the British fighters.

Rob still has some camera time to fulfill as he makes his way into the bathroom and urinates in the shower. Jason Pierce is the first American fighter to confront him saying, “Little Junie Browning we call him, proceeded to come and urinate in our shower.”

Rob responds by threatening to throw an egg at the seated Pierce, and both fighters stand for a little trash talking, with Browning urging Pierce to hit him. As they are separated, Browning smashes the egg on Pierce anyway, and tells the world that, “Your not going to like me if I’m here for six weeks.”

Outside of the house, all the fighters set out to agree on some basic rules and guidelines, mostly pertaining to food and bodily fluids, although sleep is also a hot topic of discussion.

Rob Browning is not included in the peace talks, deciding to shoot some ball on the court instead.
Everybody is pretty unanimous in their wishes to make sure that the younger Browning does not get to stay in the house for long with his elimination bout coming up.

The following morning takes us to the training center with Dan Henderson leading some pummeling drills and warm ups. Dan leads the guys through some ground and pound drills and states his beliefs that, “MMA in the UK is a couple of years behind the US in general”, and goes on to say that wrestling is basically non existant.

Damarques Johnson takes the leadership role as team U.S. is dismissed, shouting, “These [expletive] think they are going to beat us, on our home [expletive] court, and that makes me [expletive] mad!”

Michael Bisping arrives and explains his late arrival being due to some visa issues, and proceeds to stir up some of the team U.S. members in the kitchen.

Damarques Johnson responds to Bisping’s antics by saying, “Your proud to be from the UK and that’s cool, but you telling me that your boys are going to whoop my ass? It just doesn’t sit well with me.”

It’s time for the British team to get their work outs in, as they meet Bisping at the training center. Bisping starts the team off with some stand up work, and in the process gets caught with a big punch for his troubles.

Team U.K. seems to be training full speed, and according to Bisping, it reflects the way he himself trains for fights.

Back at the house, and we learn that Rob Browning is 4-0, but has never fought at 155, and that he normally fights at 135. Browning talks about getting in good with British fighters even throwing out a “Good day mate!” greeting out.

Now it’s time to profile the fighters from the elimination bouts. Frank Lester will be facing Kiel Reid, and he believes that due to Reid’s experience advantage, that he may be getting overlooked in the elimination bout.

Reid on the other hand explains that he doesn’t have a job to go back to, and that his reason for being on the show is simple, and that is to fight.

Team U.S. elimination bout- Frank Lester (3-2) vs. Kiel Reid (8-1)

Round 1 – Reid lands a nice stiff jab to start, as both fighters circle. Reid lands a nice clean left hand, and takes Lester to the ground against the cage. Reid tries to pass guard to the left but Lester retains guard, with Reid managing to get to half guard. Reid gets to his feet and works on a standing guillotine, releases it, and lands a nice knee from the clinch.

Lester clinches, throws a knee and sticks Reid with a stiff left hand, causing Reid to drop levels and shoot for a take down. Reid works for the double leg but is stalled, and goes for the big slam and knocks himself out! Reid is shocked when he is told that he is out of the competition.

Team U.S. elimination bout- Rob Browning (4-0) vs. Jason Dent (18-9)

Round 1 – Rob throws an overhand right to start, and follows up with a kick that misses, then goes to the body. Browning is the aggressor early, using a mix of kicks, with Dent countering with some kicks of his own. Browning changes levels and goes for the take down, but Dent fights it off nicely.

Inside leg kick by Dent, with Browning throwing combo’s to counter. Browning working his jab now as Dent goes up high with his kick. Multiple jabs by Rob, and a weak take down attempt results in him turtling up with Dent landing some shots to the body.

Browning is now on his back with Dent landing some shots. Browning rolls and is taking Dent’s ground and pound effort now. Browning is still taking shots, and the referee tells him to fight back. Browning is not responding and the ref steps in and stops it in Round 1.

There will be no further Browning representation in the TUF house this season.

After the fight, Dana explains the coin concept with the blue side repping team U.K. and the red side for the U.S.

The coin flip will determine who chooses the first fight, and as the coin lands on the red side, we find that team U.S. has initial control of the fights. We will have to wait for episode 4 to find out who will be stepping in the Octagon for the clash of the two nations.

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