Joe Lauzon out of action until Spring 2010

On March 6th UFC lightweight prospect Joe Lauzon (18-4) had ACL surgery and his meniscus repaired on his right knee. Although “J-Lau’s” recovery is going very well, he will most likely be out of action at least until the Spring of 2010.

In a statement PRO MMA ( received today, Lauzon commented on the surgery, “Everything went as scheduled. My meniscus was repaired and the ACL cadaver grafting was successful. My doctor was very happy and optimistic that my knee will be strong. Right now, I’m walking around like a normal person; no training but I’m doing some light jogging, leg presses and squats. I’m going to lose muscle in the leg. Range of motion is the key right now. I can completely straighten my leg. I can bend it 135 degrees and 150 is normal.”

Lauzon goes in for a follow-up exam next week, but he must wait until the grafting of the ACL cadaver is fully healed before he can fight again. The estimated recovery time is nearly a year.

Despite Lauzon’s competitive nature and drive, he must resist the temptation to come back too soon. “All that was protecting my knee was muscle and now that’s gone,” he noted. “It‘s going to take time to build-up. I’ll probably be back on the mat in six months, but just doing light stuff, no live action. ACL surgery rehab is notorious for having people rush back too soon, resulting in more ACL surgery, and I’m not risking that.”

“J-Lau’s” last Octagon appearance was in February at “UFC Fight Night 17” where he defeated Jeremy Stephens (14-5) with a arm bar submission in round two.

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By:  Jack Bratcher

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