The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs U.K- Episode 2 recap

The episode begins with a recap of the U.K. fights, and then cuts to Dana White as he arrives back in Las Vegas. White talks about being impressed with the fighters overseas, and explains how Dan Henderson became the coach for Team U.S.A. over Rich Franklin.

Dana walks in to the training center and introduces the fighters to Coach Dan Henderson. Within seconds, welterweight Jason Pierce pulls a “Phillipe Nover”, passing out on the mat. Dana White makes sure Pierce is OK, and wishes the fighters good luck, and poses the question, “Who the [expletive] wants it?”

The drama continues with the physical checks as John David-Shackelford is discovered to be sporting a contagious lesion on his forehead, forcing him to cash the second half of his round trip airfare back home.

Fade to the parking lot with welterweight Christian Fulgium trying to cut weight on a stationary bike. Dana White leads him to the scales, and we find that Christian must lose 2 pounds in about 40 minutes, or will be sent packing.

Coach Dan Henderson, puts a dry heaving Fulgium on the tread mill and within seconds, the welterweight collapses on the ground. White addresses the guys before the elimination bouts, and asks Fulgium about his weight issue. Fulgium verbally submits to the competition and quits right in front of the UFC President.

White is stunned with how season 9 has started for the American fighters, and can’t believe that after nine seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, people still aren’t coming prepared and on weight.

Hopefully the actual fights will prove that the U.S. team is really ready to clash with their British counterparts, but Dana has his doubts, telling the Americans how hungry the U.K. team is coming into this competition.

Enough already, it’s elimination bout time. Training partners Mark Miller and Kevin Knabjian start off the bouts, and aren’t very excited with the prospect of sending one of their own team mates back to their home gym, and effectively crushing their TUF dream.

Elimination bout #1: Mark Miller vs. Kevin Knabjian

Round 1 – Miller throws and lands the double jab, and Knabjian counters with a left. Push kick by Miller, and the fighters disengage. Miller stalking now as both fighters exchange briefly. Push kick by Knabjian, and he eats a counter left from Miller.

Miller is the aggressor early, and lands a 4 punch combo, forcing Knabjian to shoot for a weak takedown attempt. Back to standing and Miller is really starting to establish his jab. Low kick misses by Knapbjian, and Miller counters with the double jab again. Miller with a lead left, and follows with an overhand right. Spinning back fist attempt by Knabjian, with Miller countering with more jabs.

Round 2 – The round starts pretty much the same way with Miller throwing the jab early. Knabjian finally listens to his corner and follows his jab with a nice right hand. Knabjian then throws a nice right hand, following up with a left hook that drops Miller to the mat. Knabjian follows him to the mat for some GNP, with Miller covering up. Knabjian goes for a heel hook and rolls, but Miller fights it off.

Back to the feet and they disengage. Miller is once again being more busy throwing 2-3 punch combos, and tripling up on his jab. Knabjian throws a left but is beaten to the punch. Miller lands a 10 punch combo then drops Knabjian with a huge jaw shattering upper cut. Knabjian shows toughness by regaining his feet, but Miller continues the onslaught causing the referee stoppage.

Mark Miller defeats Kevin Knabjian by TKO

Elimination bout #2: Richie Whitson vs. Paul Bird

Round 1 – Shaun White look alike Richie Whitson misses early with a leg kick, and we are off. After a brief exchange, Bird shoots and double legs Whitson to the ground. Whitson works to regain his footing but is taken back down. As Whitson rolls, Bird takes his back but slides off the top.

Bird goes for the single leg, and ends up on Whitson’s back again, and gets a semi-suplex. Back to the feet and Whitson lands a nice body kick, and follows with a stiff right hand to the face of Bird. Whitson is moving forward now and landing some hands, as Bird shoots again. Whitson fights this one off and throws a furious 6 or 7 punch combo, with Bird trying to counter.

Bird grabs a leg and works Whitson to the ground but ends up on his back. Whitson now landing big elbows from the top, and is utilizing a strong ground and pound game. Bird almost secures an arm bar but loses it and turtles up. Whitson is on his back landing big softening shots to the head and ears. He gets one hook in and goes for the RNC. Shaun White, I mean Richie Whitson locks it up and gets the tap within seconds.

Richie Whitson defeats Paul Bird by submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Elimination bout #3: Waylon Lowe vs. Santino DeFranco

Round 1 – Swings and misses early, and Lowe uses his misses to set up the take down. DeFranco is now on his back but controlling Lowe’s posture pretty well. Lowe is now creating space and starting to lands some elbows and punches. DeFranco is covering up but is taking some damage from his back. The referee calls for DeFranco to fight back.

He is taking a beating and not defending himself other than covering up. With about :17 seconds to go, Lowe starts to throw all he has to the prone DeFranco. The bell sounds, and it doesn’t look like DeFranco will make it to Round 2.

Round 2 – DeFranco does indeed make the bell… DeFranco comes out and throws a flying knee that drops Lowe! Lowe rolls, and DeFranco takes his back and secures a hook. Within seconds, DeFranco locks in the rear naked choke and gets the tap!

Santino DeFranco defeats Waylon Lowe by submission (rear naked choke)

Elimination bout #4: Steve Berger vs. Jason Pierce

Round 1 – Pierce lands a big right hand dropping Berger. We get the highlight commentary by Dana White, as he walks us through the 3 round bout. Pierce is awarded the decision victory, and didn’t faint this time around.

Jason Pierce over Steve Berger by decision

Elimination bout #5: Cameron Dollar vs. Tom Hayden

Round 1 – More Dana commentary, talking us through the Hayden take down of Dollar and the pounding of Dollar, until Round 2 where Dollar manages to slip out the back door and get Hayden’s back. Dollar then applies the tight RNC and puts Hayden in a state of counting sheep.

Cameron Dollar defeats Tom Hayden via submission, (Rear Naked Choke)

Elimination bout #6: DaMarques Johnson vs. Ray Elbe

Round 1 – Johnson looks agile and quick, landing his first combo of the match against the Muay Thai fighter. Elbe tries a spinning back fist but misses. Johnson comes back with another jab, right combo. Elbe looking to establish some kicks and elbows early. Nice body shot by Johnson and Elbe shoots for a take down but ends up being mounted by Johnson.

Johnson is dropping big elbows and shots from the mount, and cuts Elbe wide open with a short elbow. Elbe is taking a beating and is now bleeding profusely. Johnson is alternating between punches and elbows and this one is getting brutal. Elbe rolls for a moment, and eats some more shots for his efforts.

Total domination by Johnson with Elbe covering up. The referee calls for Elbe to fight back, but quickly steps in to stop the massacre.

DaMarques Johnson over Ray Elbe via TKO (Strikes)

Coach Henderson talks about his six fighters, and believes he has a competitive team that should do well against the U.K. Dana White addresses the housebound fighters as team jersey’s are passed out.

The two remaining guys that didn’t fight are introduced to the newly arrived fighters for the final two elimination bouts. Rob Browning, Junie’s brother, is one of the two that has been brought in, and will face Jason Dent.

What will see from the junior Browning?

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