WEC 40 – live results and round by round summary

The WEC is back in action live tonight on Versus from Chicago Illinois, with “WEC 40: Torres vs. Mizugaki”.

Stay tuned here at PRO MMA (promma.info) for live round by round coverage of this evening’s event, which will feature the WEC Bantamweight Title Fight between reigning champion Miguel Torres and challenger Takeya Mizugaki.

WEC 40 quick results:

Main Card
Raphael Assuncao def Jameel Massouh- Unanimous Decision
Ben Henderson def Shane Roller- TKO (strikes) Rd 1
Joseph Benavidez def Jeff Curran- Unanimous Decision
Miguel Torres def Takeya Mizugaki- Unanimous Decision
Untelevised Preliminary Card
Anthony Njokuani def Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski- TKO (strikes) Rd 2
Dominick Cruz def Ivan Lopez- Unanimous Decision
Wagnney Fabiano def Fredson Paixao- Unanimous Decision
Rani Yahya def Eddie Wineland- Submission (rear naked choke) Rd 1
Akitoshi Tamura def Manny Tapia- Unanimous Decision
Rafael Dias def Mike Budnik- Unanimous Decision

Round 1 – Nice body kick by Assuncao to start things off. He steps in and gets caught with a glancing right, and Assuncao slips to the ground. Big jab and a huge right is landed by Assuncao and he drops Massouh. Standing over the prone Massouh, Assuncao lands a couple of shots, and gets caught in a heel hook. Assuncao defends, and goes for a foot himself. Back to the feet, and Assuncao works for a takedown. Assuncao uses the clinch and takes Massouh to the ground. Some ground and pound now with Assuncao on top landing a couple of punches and an elbow. Assuncao using the cage well and landing some nice shots from the top. Assuncao works a front headlock, then transitions to the back, with a half hearted kimura attempt. Back to the feet and Assuncao lands another left. Assuncao lands a left hook and is starting to pick Massouh apart on the feet. Massouh throwing kicks but keeps getting caught with the jab and overhand right. Massouh closes the gap and lands a nice knee, but is caught again and is back down, with Assuncao transitioning to the guillotine as the round ends. PRO MMA scores round 1, 10-9 for Raphael Assuncao.

Round 2 – Much of the same with Assuncao landing combos. Massouh counters with a nice kick, but is getting picked apart much like round one. Assuncao closes and throws another big combination. Big lead right, and both fighters clinch. Massouh throwing knees from the clinch, but not landing with much authority. Massouh goes high crotch, and gets the takedown, but Assuncao transitions locking in a guillotine. Both fighters on their knees with Assuncao still controlling the head. Massouh goes for a leg, but Assuncao sprawls keeping control of the head, with one arm in. Massouh works out of the guillotine and stands. They seperate and as Massouh throws a kick, he eats another shot from Assuncao. Assuncao with another combo, then misses with a head kick. Nice body kick by Massouh connects. Assuncao with another big right hand. Massouh goes for the head kick and slips landing on his back. Assuncao working to pass guard, and is stuck in half guard. PRO MMA scores round 2, 10-9 for Raphael Assuncao.

Round 3 – Massouh moving forward, but again Assuncao lands a nice leg kick. Exchange by both with no damage, but Assuncao comes right back with a strong combination. Assuncao lands another big right, forcing Massouh to close the distance and work from the clinch. Massouh pulls guard, and is now back on the mat with Assuncao on top again. Massouh working a high guard, but is limited with his movement against the cage. Assuncao posturing up for some ground and pound. Assuncao moves to full mound temporarily, and transitions to the back, but is swept by Massouh. Massouh on top now, with Assuncao controlling the wrists nicely. Scramble ensues, and Massouh goes for the back but loses position. Assuncao back on top with a minute to go. Assuncao in half guard, with Massouh looking for a leg, going for a heel hook. Nice up kick by Massouh but it looks to be too little too late. Assuncao takes Massouh’s back, but Massouh escapes and stands throwing consecutive kicks to finish the last round. PRO MMA scores Round 3, 10-9 for Raphael Assuncao, and scores the bout 30-27, also for Assuncao.

Official result: Raphael Assuncao defeats Jameel Massouh- Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Round 1 – Both fighters missing with their jabs to start, until Roller steps in and drops Henderson with a right hand. Roller attacks and goes for the guillotine. Henderson survives and fights off the choke. Henderson going for a leg and takes Roller down. Both fighters back on their feet, and Henderson lands a nice knee. Both fighters in the clinch against the cage, and Henderson gets the takedown. Back to the feet, and Henderson fires off a 6 punch combo, and drops Roller with a big left. Henderson looking for the finish with a flurry, and the referee steps in and calls the fight. Ben Henderson over Shane Roller- TKO (strikes) in Round 1.

Round 1 – Both fighters miss with kicks. Both fighters proving to be elusive. Benavidez misses with a push kick and steps in for a right, and Curran lands a kick. Benavidez with a flying knee, and clinching against the cage. Nice dirty boxing by Benavidez. Curran separates and lands a left hook. Benavidez steps and and lands an uppercut, but Curran shakes it off. Benavidez tries to throw a jumping kick and eats a right hand. More clinch work, and Benavidez fires a knee to the groin, eliciting a groan from Curran. Benavidez looks good in the clinch with knees and dirty boxing. Benavidez throws a left, and Curran throws and slips. Nice stiff leg kick by Benavidez, Curran works for a single but throws it off, and eats a left, going down to the mat. Benavidez on top, and stands throwing some kicks to the thighs of the downed Curran. A flying step over punch by Benavidez, and he is attacking Curran from the top. End of Round 1. PRO MMA scores Round 1, 10-9 for Benavidez.

Round 2 – Benavidez with a body kick, and misses with his next attempt. Push kick by Benavidez, and Curran counters with a kick of his own. Huge leg kick by Benavidez, and both fighters exchange with some combos. Curran misses with the superman punch, and goes down, with Benavidez on top. Curran staying busy from the bottom with the up kick. Benavidez working the body, stands, and throws another flying punch. Curran goes for a leg, and stands. Benavidez with more kicks, and Curran misses with the right. Benavidez ducks, and Curran pulls guard. Curran with the triangle attempt, but Benavidez pulls out. Benavidez passes to side mount. Elbows from the top, as Curran rolls, and body locks Curran for a sweep attempt. They stand, and Benavidez goes for the guillotine, and is now standing over Curran again and kicking to the legs. Benavidez throwing varying shots to the body and head of Curran. Curran catches Benavidez with an up kick, but he advances anyway and lands a shot at the bell. PRO MMA scores Round 2, 10-9 for Benavidez.

Round 3 – Exchanges to start the third. Kicks by both, with Curran stepping in and landing a right. Curran using his kicks now. Benavidez throws a 3 punch combo and is staying super busy. Nice kick punch combo, and Curran is now establishing a stiff jab. Benavidez works for a single, and gets the trip takedown. Benavidez now back on top again. Short elbows from the top by Benavidez, with Curran against the cage. Curran gets back to his feet and eats a right. Clinch again, Curran lands a nice knee, then throws a spinning back fist. Benavidez with the 1, 2 combo. Benavidez misses up high, and Curran counters with a head kick, then shoots for the double. He slams Benavidez to the mat, and Benavidez works back to his feet quickly. Benavidez works for the take down and is back on top again. Benavidez landing punches from the top. Curran working high on his back, but is eating short elbows. Curran is working for a triangle, but Benavidez pulls out again. Benavidez back on top as the bell rings. PRO MMA scores Round 3, 10-9 for Benavidez, and 30-27 overall for Benavidez.

Official result: Joseph Benavidez over Jeff Curran – Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

MIGUEL TORRES VS. TAKEYA MIZUGAKI – Bantamweight Championship Bout
Round 1 – Miugaki misses with the right, and now they exchange, with Mizugaki flurrying. Torres counters and they separate. Body kick by Torres. Torres working jab now. Mizugaki lunges and misses with the right. Mizugaki throwing big combos and stalking Torres. Another stiff jab by Torres. Big knee by Torres, but Mizugaki counters and throws Torres down. Torres is back on his feet. Lunging left hand misses by Mizugaki, and Torres connects with his jab. Nice right hand by Mizugaki. Big head kick by Torres, followed by a jab. Torres establishing the jab, as Mizugaki comes back with a nice right hand. Clinch against the fence, and then the fighters separate. Big exchange by both fighters. Fast pace thus far in teh first. Mizugaki lands the jab, but misses with the uppercut. Body kick by Torres. Mizugaki landing with his combos. Torres works for the takedown. Bell sounds. PRO MMA scores Round 1, 10-9 for Mizugaki.

Round 2 – Mizugaki with some body shots. Torres falls to his back but bounces back up. Torres with some jabs but eats a big right hand. Torres with a left jab and eats another right. This is a boxing match for now and they both connect. Big left hook from Torres. Big left to the body followed by a right to the face by Mizugaki. Torres working a left jab. Nice exchange by both fighters. Both guys standing in the pocket. Big right hand by Mizugaki. Nice punches by Torres. Two or three punches land by Torres. Clinched. Shoulder shots by Torres. Mizugaki hangs tough and is still in there. Torres loses mouth piece. But ref puts it back in. Left right combo from Torres. Torres grabs the plum and lands knee after knee.
PRO MMA scores Round 2, 10-9 for Torres.

Round 3 – Nice short left hook by Torres. Mizugaki has Torres against the cage throwing combos. Torres is fine and comes back swinging. Both guys land some good shots but Torres with the better combos at the moment. The bout is halted to check a cut on Torres’ eye. This is not good as it gives a rest to Mizugaki and has to give Mizugaki some confidence. They let the fight go. Right hand lands by Mizugaki. Both fighters land a combination of punches. Clinched and Mizugaki is firing off as Torres covers uup. Right hand by Torres. Mizugaki has good hands but not much more it seems. However, this has turned into just a boxing match for the most part; an exciting one.
PRO MMA scores Round 3, 10-9 for Torres

Round 4 – Uppercut by Mizugaki forces Torres to shoot in but it is stuffed. Combo by Torres is blocked. Torres looking to take the fight to the ground tries to pull guard but Mizugaki gets out and back to the feet. Torres shoots in clinches and lands two good elbows. Left jab followed by a right from Torres. Clinched with Mizugaki’s back to the cage. Both guys pushing the action. Torres with some elbows out of the clinch. Torres tries to roll into a knee bar but no dice. Torres seems to have found a comfortable lead in this fight now but he is not putting Mizugaki away. Torres lands some nice punches there.
PRO MMA scores Round 4, 10-9 for Torres

Round 5 – Both guys would like to finish this. Mizugaki rushes in and lands a left. Torres pulls guard but changes his mind and puts his feet back on the ground. Torres lands a four punch combo. Mizugaki is still standing strong and firing back. Torres slips to the ground but gets back up. Mizugaki lands an uppercut. Torres clinches up and lands some elbows and knees. Rabbit punches to the body by Torres. Torres falls to the ground again after a knee by Mizugaki, it is more of a slip. Torres clinches up again, backs up and lands several shots. Mizugaki tells Torres to come on and hit him. Torres obliges with several shots but Mizugaki stands strong and is firing back. This was a war but Torres for sure took it.
PRO MMA scores Round 5, 10-9 for Torres

Official Result: Miguel Torres over Takeya Mizugaki – Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

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