Perseverance pays off for Nemesis MMA promotion

When Tennessee made MMA legal last year, the excitement of local shows being promoted in Middle Tennessee soon spread. Fight fans in the Volunteer State were going to be able to witness live, and in person, the sport that until now they could only see on television or the Internet. Local promotions were finally going to display home grown talent for family and friends in their own community.

Nemesis Mixed Martial Arts is just such a local promotion in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Having excellent home grown talent, eager to display their skills for local fight fans. NMMA presented ‘Battle in the Boro’ last Saturday night. Ambitious to put on the first MMA show in Rutherford County, Nemesis could have never anticipated the political road blocks that would be placed in their path.

PRO MMA ( spoke briefly with Nemesis coach Danny Jones to find out how the show went. Danny told us that late Friday afternoon he was contacted by the codes department from the city of Murfreesboro regarding the promotion.

Two concerns by the city were addressed at that time. First was the sanctioning of the event. The city was under the impression the event was not sanctioned. Jones informed them, “we have a doctor, we have EMT’s, we have a license, and we have a sanctioning body (the ISKA).” Second, the city was prepared to stop the show from being held at ‘Club 527′ because it was designated as a night club and concert hall. It did not comply with codes as being used for a sporting event. In that case the facility would require more sprinklers.

All this was the day before the show. Jones responded by asking the city representative, “You are telling me that building is OK for 1000 people to come for a concert, but if I bring some people in to watch a fight then it’s not safe?” The city told him you can not fight there.

Jones and his team would not be discouraged. Danny told the city, “You know what? We’ll have the fight outside then.” He was informed they would get back to him on that. Logistically it was a tough transition to an outdoor event. The ring was moved, a tent was set up, and heaters were being brought in to prepare for the cool temperatures.

Jones’ partner, and UFC veteran, Josh Schockman was contacted by the city later that day. Josh was told that the location between the two buildings was city property. The event could not be held there because it was blocking a fire lane. Jones commented, “I was like, wow! Being a fighter I felt like I was punched in the gut and I was down. I wanted to get up, and I wanted to do this.” The search was on for another location to hold their show.

At the last minute Jones and Schockman received permission to hold the event at ‘The Boys and Girls Club of Murfreesboro’. Everything was moved at the last minute. The next night, four hundred fight fans showed up to witness a fantastic night of MMA action for the first time in Rutherford County. The show was a big success despite the obstacles that had to be overcome. It only seemed to strengthen the resolve of Team Nemesis and their big plans for future MMA shows in the area.

‘Battle in the Boro’ is the spearhead of what will be a big year for MMA events in Middle Tennessee. Fans of MMA in Murfreesboro need not wait long to get their fight fix again. XFN and Lane Collier present a night of action at Miller Coliseum on Saturday March, 28. Doors open at 6:30, fights start at 7:30. Local sensation Ande Paul-Hus of Team Nemesis will be battling for the ISKA Welterweight title. Come check it out.

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