Caged Chaos brings successful first show to Clarksville, TN on March 15

CAGED CHAOS brought their live MMA show to Clarksville, Tennessee for the first time on Sunday, March 15, 2009 at Kickers night club. With about 500 people in attendance, the promoter was pleased with the success of the show and plans to return to Clarksville for another event in April. Stay tuned to PRO MMA ( for that announcement.

Local teams represented at this event included John Renken’s Team Havoc from Clarksville MMA and Mike Merriman’s Team Wildside from Olympic 24 HR Gym. Other MMA gyms from Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri also had fighters competing.

CAGED CHAOS results:

Tyler Mcbride Lee (1-0) def. Steve Sandeck (2-0) triangle choke rd.1
Brian Brooks (7-2) def. Matt kloss (5-4) arm bar rd.2
Chris Coggins (4-0) def. Brian Horton (8-3) rear naked choke rd.1
Nate Doerr (1-0) def. Tommy white (4-5) KO rd.1
Darrel Le Marque (1-0) def. Robert Armstrong (1-2) KO rd.3
Robert Mycyk (2-0) def. Marcus Harris (0-2) KO rd.1
Jeff Willey (3-1) def. Zach Thomas (1-1) decision rd.3
John Long (5-1) def. Perry Carr (3-3) KO rd.1
Ammon Parker (1-0) def. Clint Beechum (1-2) guillotine choke rd.1
Amanda (2-0) def. Kathy Owens (0-2) ground and pound rd.2
Dan Eton (2-0) def. Tommy Saunders (2-1) armbar rd.2
Jermey Morin (1-0) def. Richard Lawler (0-2) guillotine choke rd.1
Chris Mathews (4-1) def. Delvonte Gathwrite (6-7) rear naked choke rd.3

3 thoughts on “Caged Chaos brings successful first show to Clarksville, TN on March 15”

  1. This wasn’t a very well ran show. The guys from Team Havoc dominated the Wildside guys. They could have done a better job of match making. Keep an eye on the waitress, they will short change you like crazy but the venue is pretty nice.

  2. bullshit, fuck you johnny! wildside destroyed team havoc. the only havoc going on was how chaotic it got when wildside made john renken’s team their complete sex toys. bam bitch

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