David “The Crow” Loiseau prepares to face Ed Herman at UFC 97 – PRO MMA exclusive interview

David “The Crow” Louiseau is a twenty-nine year old mixed martial arts fighter from Montreal, Canada. He has fought in the TKO, Elite XC, XMMA, and UFC promotions. He is the current XMMA Middleweight Champion and former TKO Middleweight Champion.

Fortunately for Canadian MMA fans, “The Crow” recently signed a new contract with the UFC which will place him not only in Canada, but in front of his home town friends and fans on April 18, 2009 when he takes on Ed “Short Fuse” Herman at UFC 97. It will be “The Crow’s” first fight back in the UFC in nearly three years.  

David was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to speak to us at PRO MMA (promma.info) today and it was a real honor to talk with one of the sport’s true superstars. 

PRO MMA: How are you doing today David?
THE CROW: I’m doing very good, thanks.

PRO MMA: Where are you right now?
THE CROW: I’m in Montreal, Canada.

PRO MMA: Have you started training for your next fight?
THE CROW: Yeah, I train all year ’round so I’m always training. Camp for this fight started about a month and a half ago.

PRO MMA: Who are you training with for this fight?
THE CROW: Same people man, same camp. I got the people from TRI-STAR GYM. We go back and forth and mix-up with guys from Greg Jackson’s camp. Team Jackson and the guys from TRI-STAR, it’s like the same team you know.

PRO MMA: Do you ever go to Albuquerque?
THE CROW: Yes, Albuquerque and Denver, Colorado.

PRO MMA: What did you think of Jardine’s fight against Rampage?
THE CROW: Jardine fought a tough fight, full of heart, it was a good fight. Rampage finished the fight very strong and got the decision. It was a very good fight.

PRO MMA: I was checking out your Myspace page and saw the picture of you with the young boy. Is that your kid?
THE CROW: No, that’s my nephew.

PRO MMA: Do you have any kids of your own?
THE CROW: No, no kids. Not yet. It’s coming up, but not yet.

PRO MMA: How does it feel for you to be back with the UFC?
THE CROW: It feels great, it feels great you know. I feel this is where I belong. It’s my place to be and feel happy to be back, very happy.

PRO MMA: How many fights are on this contract?
THE CROW: It’s a four-fight contract, four-fight deal.

PRO MMA: What does it mean to you to be able to fight your first fight back with the UFC in Montreal?
THE CROW: It’s great man, it’s awesome. It’s a great scenario and I’m looking forward to the challenge and the fight. I’m very happy.

PRO MMA: That must be a pretty big deal getting to fight in your hometown with the UFC.
THE CROW: Yes, it is great. They only came one time before. It was last year but I wasn’t on that card.

PRO MMA: What do you know about your opponent, Ed Herman?
THE CROW: Ed Herman, he’s a very good fighter. It’s like everyone in the UFC. He’s a very experienced fighter, a good fighter and I’m just looking forward to a great fight.

PRO MMA: How do you think you match up with Ed? Have you watched any tape on him?
THE CROW: Yeah of course, we have been studying him a lot. Me and my team and Greg Jackson came up with a great strategy and great game plan and I just have to go out there and execute it.

PRO MMA: I remember watching UFC 94 when the whole “grease thing” went down and saw you were there. What is your opinion on that whole thing?
THE CROW: Well, my opinion is like when some one’s camp talks so much, then gets dominated like that, they have to find something and people make things way bigger than what it is and that’s exactly what’s happening. They are not really happy with the performance and the outcome of the fight and are trying to find, they are trying to find one thing to make it way bigger than it is.

PRO MMA: So you just think it got blown out of proportion pretty much?
THE CROW: Oh definitely for sure. How could some Vaseline win the fight, you know? It doesn’t make sense.

PRO MMA: Have you ever done any work with the “Witch Doctor”?
THE CROW: Yes, yes, definitely. He’s a great doctor, a great guy, and a friend. I like him very much.

PRO MMA: What kind of stuff has he helped you with?
THE CROW: Oh you know, just stuff for injuries and stuff like that.

PRO MMA: Do you do the energy work and that kind of thing?
THE CROW: No, I haven’t done that yet, I haven’t done it.

PRO MMA: Do you have any strange training techniques or alternative training methods people may find interesting?
THE CROW: No, not really. I’m a pretty laid back guy. I just do the regular stuff, I have my own stuff but nothing crazy you know. I’m a very spiritual guy, so I do a lot of spiritual stuff, but nothing crazy you know.

PRO MMA: Are you into meditation or that sort of thing?
THE CROW: Yeah, yeah, yeah, stuff like that. I’m just a very spiritual guy. I pray a lot and stuff like that, so yeah, you could say that.

PRO MMA: Your last fight was with Solomon Hutcherson, you won by TKO in round five. I assume that was a title fight. Is that correct, are you their champ now?
THE CROW: Yes, Yes that was with the XMMA, but I won’t be defending it any time soon because I signed back with the UFC so the title is going to be vacated.

PRO MMA: How many titles have you won throughout your career?

PRO MMA: You fought four times in 2008, do you like that pace? How many times a year do you like to fight?
THE CROW: I was trying to fight a little more but it’s not easy to get fights, you know, at the caliber where I’m at outside the UFC. But now that I’m in the UFC I’m going to be fighting pretty often so I’m very happy with that you know.

PRO MMA: Who else do you see in your weight class you might like to match up with?
THE CROW: Oh there’s no preferences man, every body’s tough, every body’s good, so I just want to go out there and perform and do my job, put on great fights for the fans, that’s it. I don’t really have anything in particular against anybody, I’m just, you know, a guy here to do his job.

PRO MMA: Just whoever they match you up with?
THE CROW: Exactly.

PRO MMA: I think this will be a great fight. You and Ed Herman, that is a great match up. Is it possible we could see ‘The Crow’ back and ready to get a title shot maybe the end of 2009 or something like that?
THE CROW: Yeah, well I’m just taking it one fight at a time. I don’t really care about what’s next man. I’m very focused, very very focused and it’s all about fighting my next fight you know. One fight at a time.

PRO MMA: How did you get the name “The Crow?”
THE CROW: When I played football in high school. Everyone on the team had a nickname and I got that nickname. “Loiseau” means bird, so it’s black bird, the crow, you know.

PRO MMA: I have heard your name pronounced so many ways, i.e. “loo-eez-oww,” “loo-eez-o.”
THE CROW: Yeah, you got it, it’s “loowahz-o”.

PRO MMA: I know your fans have been waiting to see you back in the UFC. I know a lot of people are excited to see this fight and I can’t wait to see you back in there. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
THE CROW: Thanks a lot. Thanks to all the fans for their support and I really appreciate it. I’ve been getting a lot of love from the fans over email and Facebook and Myspace and I really appreciate that and it feels really good, so thank you to all the fans.

PRO MMA: Thank you David. On behalf of PRO MMA (promma.info), I want to wish you the best of luck in your upcoming fight and in all you do. Take care buddy.
THE CROW: Thank you, you too. Thank you very much.

MMA fans can check out David “The Crow” Loiseau’s website at www.crowtime.tv.

By: Jack J. Bratcher