Junie Browning is nicknamed “The Lunatik” for good reason. This ultra-talented fighter is like a train wreck that you just can’t stop watching. When asked if one of his opponents, Jose Aguilar, has a chance to beat him, Junie responded, “He has a better chance of getting me pregnant.”

Browning then proceeded to pummel Aguilar and win by TKO when Jose failed to answer the bell for the second round. I was hooked from that moment on. I just can’t take my eyes off this guy, for fear I might miss something.

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, 24 year-old Junie Allen Browning captured the attention of the American public during last season’s “The Ultimate Fighter”. Browning highlighted the season with drunken tirades in the house, angry outbursts in the gym, and even leaping into the Octagon at one point and showing his ass in front of Dana White himself.

He was considered lucky not to have been kicked off the show after being warned by White twice. Browning’s antics made Chris Leben look like the UFC’s poster boy. Only his talent and unlimited potential to be a future superstar saved him from being cast into UFC purgatory.

Browning’s talent was noticed early by Coach Frank Mir as he made Junie his first lightweight pick. Junie failed to live up to expectations as he went on to a lackluster, unanimous decision victory over Rolando Delgado. He then failed to advance past the semi-finals when Efrain Escudero submitted him in the second round by D’Arce choke. Browning vowed to overcome his poor cardio training that was his downfall in the Escudero loss and return a better fighter and a better person.

Browning changed training camps in November to join Randy Couture’s team Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. Junie then fought Dave Kaplan on the under card in “The Ultimate Finale”. Browning looked spectacular as he easily finished Kaplan in the second round by arm bar. It appeared that he was finally reaching his potential.

Now comes the biggest challenge of Browning’s career. Slated for an under card bout on the upcoming “UFC Fight Night Live,” Junie faces the very experienced Cole Miller from the American Top Team Camp and we all know those guys don’t play around. Miller is coming off a huge submission victory over Jorge Gurgel at UFC 86.

Junie will need to be at his very best if he is to defeat such a skilled fighter as Miller. I am not sure what type of strides reproductive science has made in recent history, but if Junie thinks Miller has a better chance at getting him pregnant than beating him, he better read up. “Magrino” can go.

Some people have said Junie’s antics were just an attempt to brand himself as a bad boy in order to better his chances of a future in the UFC. Believe him or not, love him or hate him, just don’t blink when “The Lunatik” is fighting.

You just might miss something spectacular (or unspectacular), either way, “The Lunatik” is at least worth the price of admission, especially since the fight will air free on Spike TV. So, get your popcorn ready and tune in on April 1st as Junie Browning makes his return to the Octagon in Nashville.

By: Ted Smith

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