Mike Thomas Brown did tonight at WEC 39 what no other man has been able to do, he finished Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia. Not only did he finish him, he demolished him in the first round of a five round featherweight title fight.

Garcia was coming off a very impressive win over Jens Pulver and his only three losses have come by decision to fighters like Cole Miller and a war that people still talk about that made the cover of Sport’s Illustrated with Roger Huerta. Garcia was a slight underdog coming into WEC 39 but probably no one expected the fight to end so quickly. He’s known for his toughness, he’s known for slugging it out, being able to take punishment, and to keep going.

Garcia is also known for his submissions, so it makes Brown’s win even more impressive in the fact that not only did he knock him down and soften him up with his striking but then he submitted Garcia with an arm choke.

Garcia came out looking a bit sporadic, while Brown looked calm and calculating. Garcia swung and missed and with perfect timing Brown landed a huge right hook that dropped the Bad Boy. Brown pounced on his downed opponent with strikes and elbows that turn Garcia’s face red with blood. Brown takes his back and goes for a rear naked choke. Garcia escapes and spins around, putting Brown in his guard. Brown passes his guard and gets the full mount where he sinks in the arm triangle. Garcia throws a couple of punches to Brown’s ribs but like a magician’s wand that turns to flowers, Garcia’s punches turn to taps causing the referee to step in.

In the post-fight interview inside the cage, the announcer asks Mike Thomas Brown what he thinks about a rematch with the former champion and arguably still the WEC poster boy, Urijah Faber. Brown says that is the fight the fans want to see so he is all for it. The camera shows Urijah in the audience and he is all for it. Inevitably, Mike Thomas Brown and Urijah Faber must fight again and most likely that will be the next fight for both opponents.

There were people out there who thought maybe Mike Brown’s win over Urijah Faber was a fluke, an accident, or he got lucky. Mike Brown proved tonight he has much more going for him than just luck. Mike Brown proved he is for real.

By: Jack Bratcher

By Jack Bratcher


One thought on “Mike Thomas Brown is for real”
  1. nothing thrilled more, than watching Mike Brown drop Urijah Faber, I waited for many opponents to beat Faber, because he always seemed way to cocky, Mike Brown is so humble, and very good at what he does, Mike Brown’s win over Leonard Garcia was just as impressive, and probably what would have happened had the fight gone a little longer with Uriah Faber, I in Mike’s corner for the rematch with Uriah, and why the fans feel it necessary to boo Mike I’ll never know, Mike brown represent everything that’s right in sportsmanship, even his slip of the tongue after the Garcia fight, Mike Brown is no punk, just one man’s opinion

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