Topps UFC Trading Cards go on sale next week

Georges St. Pierre autographed Topps UFC card

The wait is almost over. PRO MMA ( has confirmed that the highly anticipated MMA cards based on the UFC partnership with Topps will be hitting local stores early next week, February 25th to be exact.

We spoke to a representative from Southern Hobby, a wholesaler responsible for bringing the cards to retail stores nationwide, who said the impact of these cards is going to be huge, as they had sold out of all of their supply two months in advance.

Sports card collectors are excited about something new in the industry and with the growth of MMA worldwide, the Topps UFC trading cards are sure to be a hit and will likely fly off shelves with MMA fans looking to own a part of the action.

The deal between Topps and the UFC is effective through May of 2011 and the UFC will be bringing the action to the fans with match-used fight gloves and pieces of the octagon mats being a part of limited edition ‘chase cards’.

The standard pack of cards MMA fans can purchase is an 8-card pack that carries a $5.00 suggested retail price and can be found exclusively at hobby shops and UFC events. Also available are 100-card base sets which include 90 different fighter’s debut match and a mix of personalities such as Dana White and the Octagon Girls.

Also, to accompany UFC’s exhilarating action photography found throughout the product, UFC fans and collectors have the chance to find specialty cards included with their purchase. The types of specialty cards include instant win cards which will be packaged with a ticket to an upcoming UFC event, ‘relic cards’ that include pieces of shirts, gloves, shorts, or Octagon mat. There are also autograph cards which include the signature of a top UFC fighter. There are ‘inserts’ which are cards with such UFC personalities as referees, Dana White, and ring girls. And finally, there are ‘parallel cards’ which come in different colors.

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By:  Denny Hodge / Jack Bratcher

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