GAMENESS FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP – GFC 2 summary & results from Nashville, TN

GAMENESS FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP’s GFC 2 took place at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena on Saturday, Feb. 14, in Nashville, TN. The fights started at 8pm but the doors opened at 7pm and the place was already packed. It was a cold night in the city but this didn’t keep the fans away, just as the snow didn’t deter the fans from GFC’s inaugural show back in December.

This was the same Sports Arena I came with my Dad to watch local Pro Wrestling shows as a kid. Pro Wrestling stars such as Dutch Mantell, the Iron Shiek, and Jerry Lawler were larger than life and fascinated me as a child. A few decades later I’m back in the same arena but this time the action is real.

MMA fans were treated to a great night of action with a total of thirteen fights including a WKA Tennessee State Featherweight Title fight between Nashville MMA’s Brian Tidwell and SSF Submission Academy’s Steve Durr. This was an incredible fast-paced fight that ended up going to Tidwell by unanimous decision. Both guys displayed a lot of skill and Durr showed a great ground game.

The main event of the night was a middleweight fight between Revolution MMA’s Wes Baxter and Nashville MMA’s Andy Paul Hus. This fight started off very strong and you could tell right away it was going to be a war. Both guys were very talented however Paul Hus got the victory when the fight was stopped in round one due to a cut. It was a bit anti-climactic due to the doctor stoppage but all in all it was a memorable night of high skilled action.

Gameness Fighting Championship – GFC 2 results:

  1. Jorge Ortiz (NMMA) 1-2-1 def. Rick Hoosier (INDEPENDENT) 2-3 by TKO rd 1 – 170lbs
  2. Joe Milligan (TUPELO BJJ) 1-0 def. Ethan Fryman (MOREHEAD BJJ) 0-2 by unanimous decision – 145lbs
  3. Lee Gasser (NMMA) 1-0 def. Ron Gartman (COLUMBIA FIGHT TEAM) 1-2 by guillotine choke submission rd 2 – 125lbs
  4. Kenny Warrix (TEAM PRODIGY) 6-4 def. Jimmy Hayes (GUARDIAN MMA) 2-2 by rear naked choke submission rd 1 – 170lbs
  5. Donte Lawson (NMMA) 1-0 def. Bill Duckett (INDEPENDENT) 4-4 by arm triangle rd 1 – 185lbs
  6. Jason Butcher (HUNTINGTON BJJ) 2-0 def. Jeremy Thompson (REVOLUTION MMA) 3-0 by TKO punches rd 2 – 205lbs
  7. Chris Vinning (NMMA) 2-0 def. Josh Clifford (COLUMBIA FIGHT TEAM) 1-1 by TKO punches rd 1 – 170lbs
  8. Jeremy Kilgore (TUPELO BJJ) 8-5 def. Aaron Maynard (TEAM PRODIGY) 7-3 by unanimous decision – 170lbs
  9. Goldman Butler (TUPELO BJJ) 2-0 def. Royce Cummins (REVOLUTION MMA) 4-1 by TKO punches rd 1 – Heavyweight
  10. Cody Floyd (TUPELO BJJ) 2-0 def. Dustin Ortiz (NMMA) 1-1 by unanimous decision – 145lbs
  11. Mike Hackney (NMMA) 3-0 def. Lawrence Lindsey (TUPELO BJJ) 4-1 by guillotine choke submission rd 2 – 185lbs
  12. WKA Tennessee State Featherweight Title Fight
    (Champion) Brian Tidwel (NMMA) 2-0 def. Steve Durr (SSF) 7-2 by unanimous decision – 145lbs
  13. Andy Paul-Hus (NMMA) 4-0 def. Wes Baxter (REVOLUTION MMA) 4-2 by TKO doctor stoppage/cut rd 1 – 185lbs

GAMENESS FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP will be holding their next event on May 2, 2009. With the enormous success of their first two cards at the Sports Arena, their third show will be held right in downtown Nashville at the Municipal Auditorium. It is a much larger venue however, there is no reason they should not be able to sell it out with the high level of talent of the GFC fighters. Check out for more information.

By: Jack Bratcher

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