‘Tank’ was out, now back in at ‘WAR GODS’ – results & round by round summary

Ken Shamrock (26-13-2) at 205 pounds will be fighting the 345 behemoth, Ross Clifton, in the main event tonight at ‘WAR GODS: VALENTINE’S EVE MASSACRE’ in Fresno, California. MMA fans can watch the event in a LIVE streaming webcast starting at 6:30pm PT / 8:30pm CT at Sherdog.

David “Tank” Abbott (9-14) was slated to fight Mike “The Rhino” Bourke (8-11-1) in the co-main event, the fight was scrapped as of earlier today but the promtion worked it out and the fight is back on! Abbott weighed in at 265 pounds, while Bourke was 293 pounds.

We here at PRO MMA (http://promma.info) are providing live real-time round by round updates on the action so stay tuned.

WAR GODS Fight Card:

Ron Kessler def. Darrin Freeman by split decision
Zoila Frausto def. Karina Hallinan by split decision
Josh Haynes def. Rafael Del Real by split decision
Isaac de Jesus def. Ashe Bowman by unanimous decision
Rick Reeves def. Nathan James by submission (RNC)
David Abbott def. Mike Bourke by TKO (punches) in rd. 1
Mike Moreno def. Gary Padilla by unanimous decision
Ken Shamrock def. Ross Clifton by submission (armbar) in rd. 1

Editor’s note: First fight of the night was between Ron Kessler and Darrin Freeman. We don’t have a round by round summary on that fight but Kessler won by split decision.

Zoila Frausto vs. Karina Hallinan
rd.1 – Zoila Frausto was very aggressive but then went to the ground and Hallinan got the best of the ground.
rd.2 – Almost a repeat of round one. Frausto doing great on her feet. Hallinan got her down but Frausto was able to get back up and looked good on her feet. Both girls in great shape.
rd.3 – A great round starts with the girls exchanging shots. Karina drags Zoila to the ground but Zoila reverses and gets the top position and delivers some good shots. Hallinan had some good defense on the ground.
Zoila Frausto def. Karina Hallinan by split decision

Josh Haynes vs. Rafael Del Real
rd.1 – Josh looked good on his feet, landed some shots. Goes to the ground as Josh attempts a guillotine. Del Real gets out and Josh goes for an armbar.
rd.2 – Haynes’ opponent started running away from him. Josh got the better of him.
rd.3 – Del Real ran from Josh the whole round. It was one of the worst displays from a “professional fighter” ever! No wonder the guy has a losing record. Haynes cornered him a couple of times and was able to land some good combinations. Haynes was clearly pissed at having to run a track meet. The atrocity of the whole thing is that it went to a split decision and one judge gave the fight to Del Real.
Josh Haynes def. Rafael Del Real by split decision

Isaac de Jesus vs. Ashe Bowman
rd.1 – Bowman was probably winning the round until de Jesus lands a big overhand right that puts Bowman on his back. De Jesus follows up with some shots but the bell sounds for end of the round.
rd.2 – Bowman rushes in with his head forward and down and eats a big shot that drops him. De Jesus tries to finish but Bowman locks in an armbar. De Jesus escapes and finishes off the round on top.
rd.3 – Bowman lands some good shots this round. De Jesus had some good leg kicks and then Bowman finished really strong. Bowman had to have won that round.
Isaac de Jesus def. Ashe Bowman by unanimous decision

Editor’s note: I have to interject here. There’s some really questionable judging going on. In the de Jesus vs. Bowman fight, all three judges gave de Jesus the last round. Clearly Bowman won the last round.

Also, the best part of the show so far was a Tonya Evinger interview they did in the center of the cage between fights. She said since we’re not fighting we’ll do some sexy poses for you guys and grabbed her opponent’s ass. Tonya is the best.

Nathan James vs. Rick Reeves
rd.1 – Fighters stay clinched for much of the round testing each other’s strenght. They trade punches and James takes Reeves down. Reeves then attempts an armbar and triangle.
rd. 2 – Reeves pulls guard and attempts multiple submissions. Has James in a traingle but can’t make him submit.
rd.3 – Fight goes to the ground. James gives up his back. Reeves jumps on, locks in one hook and chokes him out pretty fast.
Rick Reeves def. Nathan James by submission (Rear Naked Choke) in rd. 3

David “Tank” Abbott vs. Mike Bourke
rd.1 – Both guys come out, Tank hits Bourke behind the head and Bourke drops. Hits him again behind the head and ref stops it. Replay shows Tank hit him with his wrist.
David “Tank” Abbott def. Mike Bourke by TKO (punches) in rd. 1

Editor’s note: This fight was a work. A complete work to set up a fight between Ken and Tank. That is my professional opinion. 100%

Mike Moreno vs. Gary Padilla
rd.1 – Fairly even round. Went back and forth. Moreno was able to control the ground game and took Padilla’s back.
rd.2 – Moreno lands some good kicks and knees while Padilla landed some nice punches. A time out is called when Moreno takes a poke in the eye.
rd.3 – A fast-paced fight. Much of this round spent in the clinch. Padilla took Moreno down twice in this round although he popped right back up both times. Moreno was the more aggressive fighter for the entire fight even though it was very close.
Mike Moreno def. Gary Padilla by unanimous decision

Now to make this “work” work, Ken Shamrock needs to win his fight so he can challenge Tank. This is as obvious as all the pro wrestling shows I grew up on.

Ken Shamrock vs. Ross Clifton
rd.1 – Ross Clifton comes at Ken with a front kick that barely misses. Ken hits the big man with a right hand that puts him down. Ken takes side control and then throws on an armbar. It lasts less than a minute or at least it seems.
Ken Shamrock def. Ross Clifton by submission (armbar) in rd. 1

Final Thoughts:

So the “work” worked. Two “legendary” fighters, neither who have won a fight in years, both happen to win on the same night on a card promoted by one of them. This is pathetic and reeks of corruption. One day hopefully the truth comes out about this kind of thing because I’m sure it’s not an isolated incident. The only way to stop it is if someone who was involved would come forward.

What else can be said? If you did not see the event it is hard to explain, but don’t you think if Ken Shamrock had really won a fight after all these years he would be ecstatic? Maybe just a bit emotional? Instead, he looked barely pleased at his attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes hoping that everyone bought it.

I want to say, every other fight on the card looked absolutely legit. It was just Tank and Ken’s fight which looked worked so they could set this big “super fight” up. And of course after Ken won and thanked everyone, then he called out Tank. Ken tells him to put the beer bottle down, get in the gym, and he wants to end his career. You just did Ken.

By: Jack Bratcher

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  1. Ken Shamrock should not be able to promote anything ever again! That was a black eye for real MMA and was a work thru and thru. And, Ken should be slapped just for calling a fight with him and Tank a superfight..LMFAO!

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