Top UFC lightweight prospect, Clay Guida, stopped by Pro MMA Radio on Monday night to talk about his fighting style, the UFC judges, and his most recent fight with Nate Diaz.

Here are some highlights on their discussion:

UFC lightweight Clay Guida is considered by many as one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC today. Clay is fresh off his win at UFC 94 against the very tough and versatile Nate Diaz.

Guida won a controversial split-decision that many thought Diaz won. Guida thought he should have won a unanimous decision and stated his displeasure with certain judges, ” … I think some judges kinda need to go back and look at grappling and look at the control a little but more…”

With the win over Nate Diaz, Clay has now won three straight fights in the UFC and has no plans on looking back. When his past was brought up about his last loss to Roger Huerta, Clay believes that it could have been a blessing in disguise. He also said he was not too surprised that Huerta decided to pursue acting and wishes him the very best.

Guida addressed Diaz’s fighting style and in particular his boxing, “His reach was definitely more than I expected. I trained with guys that were 5’10 to 6’1, 6’2. Just his style ya know what I mean, he knows how to land those punches, throw those punches in there to kind of keep me at his distance and that was the only thing that gave me trouble. Ya know the punches don’t hurt but they don’t feel good, I don’t care what anyone says,” Guida said.

While Guida was obviously ecstatic about the decision, there were people, including Diaz, who thought Guida did little more than hold onto him. In a post-fight interview Diaz said he believed Guida stalled and did nothing to win the fight. Guida did not see it that way, “I think there is a fine line between stalling and being in control and I think when you are in control the whole fight, at least the first two rounds, third round he got off a little flurry and I wasn’t in any danger, but that was probably the highlight of the fight for him…”

With his ‘Fight of the Night’ performance at Fight Night 17, Guida feels he is right up there with the best in the UFC lightweight division and is moving up the ladder. He stated that he would like to fight any of the top guys in the division.

A great attitude and an amazing work ethic have made Clay Guida one of the biggest fan favorites today. At this point he is likely just a few wins away from getting a title shot of his own.

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    Let the record show I was the only one who did the UFC 94 contest to pick guida to win. I realize there is no reward for that , but just thought I would let it be known since there were no other comments.

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