BJ Penn says, “I wouldn’t mind seeing Lyoto knock Rashad Evans the F out”

Wednesday at 3pm PT / 5pm ET BJ Penn was a guest on a new radio show that will be airing weekly on his website. It was the first interview the UFC Lightweight Champion has given since losing a Welterweight Title Fight to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94.

Although does host the radio show they did not take it easy on the Hawaiian with the questions. BJ seemed honest in his assessment of what happened during the fight and admitted he got his “ass kicked.” He also revealed that he has not seen the fight yet and could not really remember anything past the second round and may have suffered a concussion.

The subject of ‘grease-gate’ did come up but they did not overly focus on the topic. They talked about how other fighters such as Hughes and Miller had also noticed GSP’s slipperiness. BJ said that his camp was actually tipped off months before the fight that GSP may be planning to use a greasing tactic. Who was the person who tipped him off? According to BJ, it was Kenny Florian.

BJ’s camp warned the commission before his fight with GSP at UFC 94 to be on the look out because they had heard GSP may be planning to do this. Then when the athletic commission caught Phil Nurse applying the Vaseline to GSP’s back during the fight. BJ wonders why they did not notify he or his camp during the bout that this was going on so they could have made a strategic decision about the matter.

BJ heard that Kenny Florian has plans of going to Tri Star Gym to train with GSP for his lightweight title fight against himself and found that funny since he says Kenny is the one who tipped him off about GSP greasing.

BJ said it would have been nice to have the option of retiring had he won the fight against GSP even though he probably would not have. Now he says he will probably be with the company another ten years [jokingly laughing] and made it clear there is no way he is retiring and has full intentions of getting back in there and defending his UFC Lightweight Title.

Someone in the chat room asked BJ during the show what he thought about Lyoto Machida and his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans. BJ said, Lyoto is very tough and a very good fighter and, “I wouldn’t mind seeing Lyoto knock Rashad Evans the F out.”

By: Jack Bratcher

To watch and listen to the archive of the first edition of the Radio Show go to of course.

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