Martial Arts event turns into “Colossus” controversy in Canada

Remember James “The Colossus” Thompson? You know, the dude who got his bloody puss-filled ear splattered all over prime time television by Kimbo Slice. It seems “The Colossus” was involved in some more controversy last night in Montreal, Canada.

In a new martial arts fight league entitled, Strike Box, the rules were supposed to be similar to the Japanese Shoot Boxing Federation in that there is no ground fighting but you can execute take-downs and standing submissions. However, the rules of Strike Box were not accepted by the province’s athletic commission in time for the event which meant they had to use MMA rules. As part of a “gentlemen’s agreement” each fighter agreed prior to the fights they would fight under the original Strike Box rules, which meant no ground fighting.

Everyone stuck to the “gentleman’s agreement” until the main event, when James “The Colossus” Thompson took on former hockey enforcer, Steve Bosse. Immediately Thompson shot in and took Bosse to the ground, moved to side mount and and started landing punches and elbows. Fans began to boo the ground fighting. Then Thompson took full mount and continued the ground and pound. Referee, Yves Lavigne, had to let the fight continue since it was technically an MMA fight. Then the boos escalated into beer cans being tossed into the cage, beer cans turned into chairs and a near riot ensued.

Finally, the referee had to call a stop to the fight and remove Bosse from the cage when he tossed a beer can at Thompson. The fight was declared a no contest but it sounds more like a scene from a bad movie. At least Thompson was representing MMA and not some bastardized form of it so it is hard to blame him. Do Canadians really hate grappling this much?

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