Chess Game Fight Gear ( recently released a new line of Fight Shorts. The first thing I noticed about the shorts right off were how good they look. The main color is black with the Chess Game logo embroidered on the front and a white stripe going up each side with tiny Chess Game logos embroidered on each stripe. After taking a closer look at how the shorts are made, the thing that most impressed me was the attention to detail and high quality.

Every single logo, emblem, and word you see on the shorts is embroidered. Nothing is iron-on or screen print. I counted 22 different emblems and phrases that are all fine-stitched embroidery. For instance, on the backside of the left leg is the phrase, “Make Your Move” in small cursive writing that is sewn into the shorts in gray stitch. On the front of the right leg over the large gray Chess Game logo are the words, “Chess Game Fight Gea”r sewn with red stitch.

In addition to the look of the shorts is the function. The 100% polyester material will not soak up sweat or blood and will help you slip out of submissions. The in-seam has a stretch crotch from one side of the leg all the way to the other for maximum comfort and flexibility. These shorts will never hamper your kicks. The worst thing in the world is watching some guy fight who has to pull his shorts leg up to kick.

The next worse thing is watching some guy pull up the shorts around his waist every ten seconds. That will never happen with these. First of all the waist band is elastic which fits snug, then there’s a draw string and on top of that is a Velcro flap for maximum snugness. There’s also a Velcro fly when you have to relieve yourself. Inside the waist band is a small pocket to store you gum shield.

It is evident these shorts are built to take abuse. The material is comfortable yet tough and every seam is triple-stitched which will keep them from tearing or ripping. People outside of MMA/BJJ often wonder why fight shorts are generally more expensive than some athletic shorts you may find at Wal-Mart and the reason being is the quality. The level of workmanship and detail that goes into making a REAL pair of professional MMA / No GI fight shorts is very different from a pair of Wal-Mart specials.

Yeah these babies look great but they have just as much function as fashion and at $54.99 they are well worth it. If you are training to be the best then why not wear the best? It’s very evident that Chess Game Fight Gear did not just want to make a product to make a quick buck. This is top of the line fight gear designed by fighters for fighters. Pick yourself up a pair today at

By:  Jack Bratcher

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By Jack Bratcher


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