THQ launches ‘UFC 2009 UNDISPUTED’ web site

GSP in the new UFC video game

Just in time for UFC 94, THQ launched the official UFC 2009 UNDISPUTED video game website on Friday, January 30th, with a digital gameplay rendition of GSP vs. Penn. The site is located at and includes developer blogs, video clips of actual gameplay, and a community forum page. THQ plans on releasing more goodies on the new site such as exclusive content, up to date game info, and specific game features in the near future. They are even planning on holding contests and polls for UFC Pay-Per-Views and Fight Night programming on Spike TV.

According to THQ, Undisputed will include more than 80 UFC superstars, past and present. The highly anticipated game will also include a “create a fighter” and career options, as well as online game play. The site also includes a few fighter renditions as well as their stats and upcoming fights. The fighters currently displayed are Dan Henderson, BJ Penn, Forrest Griffin, Georges St. Pierre, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and Rich Franklin. More fighters will be added as the release date nears.

Originally slated for release in early spring, Undisputed is now set for a June 2nd delivery date for pre-orders. Fans can purchase their copy early for $59.99 at, or any of the other retailers which are linked to at the Undisputed web site.

You can also check out screenshots of the game, interviews with Dana White and Dan Henderson, as well as catch a glimpse of a few other fighters, refs, and ring girls, all designed with the utmost realism down to the beads of sweat, realistic breathing, and the ripples from taking a big strike. So far, the game looks as if it will live up to the hype, if not exceed it. Undisputed will be released for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to appease the majority of platform gamers. Check out the website to catch all the news and information on UFC 2009 UNDISPUTED at