Kimo Leopoldo applies for Executive Office Position of California State Athletic Commission

UFC veteran and face of New Era Fighting, Kimo Leopoldo has applied for the Executive Office Position of the California State Athletic Commission. Most older MMA fans will remember Kimo from UFC 3 where he fought and lost to Royce Gracie, while at the same time becoming the first person to keep Royce from winning a UFC tournament. 

Kimo believes it is time for a change. In a press release received Monday by PRO MMA (, Kimo states, “There are so many areas of the CSAC that needs more organization including simple things that most people do in their everyday lives…I want to make things fairer and more reasonable for all members of the MMA and boxing industry.”

The position Kimo has applied for was last held by Armando Garcia who resigned this past year under allegations of sexual harassment. As for Kimo’s qualifications he had this to say, “MMA is in a fragile state in California and it needs guidance. I have had my ups and downs in this industry but, overall, I have 14 valuable years of real life experience in MMA and Kickboxing that nobody can take away from me.”

With all the controversy that surrounded many of the decisions handed down by Garcia, it is hard to imagine that someone with Kimo’s experience within the sport could do much worse. Then again, who knows what goes on inside the head of a man who carried a wooden cross on his back.

Here is a copy of Kimo’s letter to the CSAC stating his intentions.

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By:  Jack Bratcher

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  1. I can’t see someone who’s been caught red handed using steroids (more than once) being on any athletic commission, never mind the most stringent one in the United States–California’s.

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