Will B.J. Penn quit the UFC?

Prior to the UFC 94 Welterweight Title fight, B.J. Penn had quite a few harsh words to say about his opponent, Georges St. Pierre. Among other things, B.J. called him “a quitter” and “a frontrunner.”

Following their main event fight on January 31st that was stopped after round four by B.J.’s corner, UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St. Pierre spoke to MMA Live about the irony of the situation.  St. Pierre stated, “It’s called reflexology. He was saying things about me but he was really talking about himself. Those things he said about me are really characteristics that he sees inside himself.”

Host Kenny Florian said, “He called you a quitter, but he was the one who quit tonight.” Frank Mir who was also on the MMA Live panel said, “He was projecting onto you those things.”

Was B.J. really projecting onto his opponent and talking about himself when he called St. Pierre “a quitter” and “a frontrunner”? Will Penn learn from this experience and come back stronger or will he quit altogether and retire? It would be a shame to lose the UFC Lightweight Champion because  he was unable to cope with the loss to St. Pierre.

Prior to UFC 94, B.J. Penn had expressed thoughts that there were possibly only a few meaningful fights left for him and it sounded like the idea of “leaving a legacy” had lost its luster. It is a serious possibility that we have seen the last of B.J. Penn inside the Octagon.

BY:  Jack Bratcher

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