UFC 94: ST. PIERRE vs PENN 2 post-fight analysis & interviews – MMA LIVE

ESPN’s MMA LIVE with hosts Jon Anik, Kenny Florian, and Frank Mir have all the UFC 94 post-fight coverage you need with interviews with the night’s big winners. Here it all is for you gift-wrapped and ready to play. Enjoy.

GSP interview & more MMA LIVE post-UFC 94 coverage after the jump…

UFC 94 Recap

Georges St. Pierre retains his title

2 thoughts on “UFC 94: ST. PIERRE vs PENN 2 post-fight analysis & interviews – MMA LIVE”

  1. BJ did say he was going to “Kill” GSP. BJ is a rich kid who likes to threaten, fight and humiliate white tourists who make the mistake of going to bars alone. Just a bad, racist guy who pretends he’s Hawaiian when he’s portugese, Balinese and Korean. The guy has ripped people off for $, me personally, and was very confident for this fight just because all he spent on designer roids from his new brazilian contacts. I am SO glad he not only looked lazy, but he quit by ignoring his doctors questions, everyone knows that’s just a prideful way to quit…

  2. i’m just sick of everyone saying that bj is a horrible fighter and talks so much shit that he can’t back up. gsp killed him in this fight no question about it and he is definitely a better pound for pound fighter than bj. but bj talks as a way to mentally get himself ready. just like gsp shuts people out closer to the fight bj talks as a way to get himself ready for a tough fight.

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