In a recent radio interview on ESPN 1100, UFC President, Dana White, when asked how much longer would it take for the UFC to come to New York replied, “…this year, we will be at the Madison Square Garden this year.”

Despite it still being illegal to hold a professional mixed martial arts event in New York, White seems confident the time is near. Many thought and hoped it may be possible to hold the upcoming UFC 100 in Madison Square Garden however, that does not appear to be the case and Las Vegas has already been named as a location for that event.

MMA’s New York legalization recently ran into some problems with Assemblyman Bob Reilly’s recent opposition of Bill 1-11458-A, which is designed to regulate the sport of MMA in New York state. Assemblyman Reilly feels that MMA is a glorification of brutality and even suggests that holding professional MMA events in the state, such as the UFC, has no economic value for the local community.

2 thoughts on “Dana White, “The UFC will be in Madison Square Garden this year””
  1. Highly doubtful. This was supposed to be Dana’s big announcement last year and everyone talked about how the sport was going to radically change because of it. In the end even the guy that introduced the bill to legalize MMA voted against it.

    As with anything Dana says, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Dont not know what they think they are going to accomplish because in the long term its going to eventually happen and a government thats used nuclear weapons and spends more money a year than any other country is going to say something is to brutal what a load this is just a personal agenda oh well

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