Last week we brought you part one of our two-part PRO MMA ( exclusive interview with UFC Heavyweight Contender, Shane Carwin. In part two Carwin discusses how he chose MMA over football and how he juggles two full-time careers and a family. 

Carwin also talks to us about his wrestling credentials, what he thinks of UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, how they would potentially match up and much more.

Shane Carwin will face the biggest test of his professional MMA career when he faces BJJ black belt, Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96 in March. If Carwin can pull off a victory against “Napao”, a UFC Heavyweight Title shot could be just around the corner. He represents the new breed and future of MMA heavyweights and here is the continutation of our interview:

PRO MMA: You were a two-time All-American football player is that correct? Who did you play college ball for?
SHANE: Yeah, I played for Western State College in Colorado in Division II.

PRO MMA: Did you try out or want to play pro ball?
SHANE: Yeah I actually played in the 98 Senior Bowl and was in the 98 Combine at Indianapolis and was projected to go in the fifth round.

PRO MMA: You were also a National Champion wrestler in college is that right?
SHANE: Yep I was a two-time National runner-up and the National Champion, three-time All-American.

PRO MMA: That is amazing. Did you participate in both sports the whole time you were in college?

PRO MMA: What about high school?
SHANE: Same thing.

PRO MMA: Both? [sports]

PRO MMA: How did you choose the MMA path as opposed to the pro football path?
SHANE: Well I gave up football after the 98′ draft I didn’t get picked up and I had bulged three discs right before my senior season and that kind of affected everything. Then I came back and wrestled that following year and finished out my senior year after I didn’t make the NFL and that’s when I won the National Championship. Then right after that I ruptured a disc in my back. So I set out for little while and then began coaching wrestling after school and getting my degree in Engineering. Ron Waterman had asked me to come in and work wrestling with him and help with his cardio a little bit through wrestling and that’s kind of how I got into it.

PRO MMA: You’re still an engineer full time is that right?
SHANE: That’s right.

PRO MMA: How many hours a week does that take?
SHANE: That’s forty hours.

PRO MMA: How in the world do you juggle being a top level athlete and then having a whole seperate career in addition to that:?
SHANE: Maybe it’s just like being in college how I grew up. You take care of work during the day and then you play at night.

PRO MMA: That’s crazy. Are you married? Do you have a family?
SHANE: Yeah I’m married and have an eight year old son from a previous marriage.

PRO MMA: You must have a very understanding wife.
SHANE: Yeah she’s understanding for sure.

PRO MMA: How do you see yourself matching up with Brock Lesnar?
SHANE: I think that would be an exciting fight. We are both two big boys and two college wrestlers, National Champs, he won in 99′ and I won D2 in 2000. I think it would change the aspect on how we both handle that fight. I think it would be an exciting fight. I think strength wise and size wise we are pretty close.

PRO MMA: If you defeat Gonzaga, what do you think is next?
SHANE: I’ll just worry about this fight and not worry about what is next.

PRO MMA: Is there anyone you are really wanting to fight or are you satisfied with whoever the UFC picks for you?
SHANE: Yeah just whoever they want to throw out there in front of me is good with me. Just go out there and do what I do, I enjoy it and I love it, it’s fun for me and that’s why I do this.

PRO MMA: Just one more thing before we’re done here. Do you foresee a time when you may go into fighting full time and give up engineering, if you were to become the UFC champion for instance?
SHANE: I’ll cross that bridge when I get there because right now I have a great job and I love my job and I don’t fight because I’m trying to quit my daytime job that I hate. It’s nothing like that. I worked my ass off four years of engineering school which were probably the four worst years of my life, the hardest and now I get to reap those benefits of that degree and the job I have like I said I love it and I love to fight so I feel very blessed.

PRO MMA: So you got the best of both worlds now right?
SHANE: There ya go.

PRO MMA: That’s awesome man. I think you are a great addition to the UFC and I know a lot of people are expecting some great things out of you and so far you have delivered very well.
SHANE: I appreciate it.

PRO MMA: From all of us at PRO MMA ( I want to wish you the very best. Do you have any final thoughts or shout outs?
SHANE: I just want to say thank you to my sponsors, Warrior Wear and Max Muscle for everything they help me out with and without sponsors it would be hard for a lot of fighters to make it, and then just a shout out to my fans and friends and family.

Be sure to go back and read part one of this two-part exclusive PRO MMA ( UFC Heavyweight profile with Shane Carwin.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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