Bobby Green and Tito Ortiz
Bobby Green and Tito Ortiz

PRO MMA caught up with Bobby “King” Green (7-1) after the “Day of Reckoning” weigh-ins, Friday afternoon. Green, a last minute replacement for Chris Horodecki, received a call to fight for Affliction twenty four hours ago and jumped at the opportunity.

Fighting out of Riverside Submission Camacho MMA, the 22 year old Green, who has been fighting for nearly a year, finds himself on a stacked Pay-Per-View card. Win or lose, Bobby and his trainer, Frank Romero sees this as a win-win situation and can only lead to bigger and better things for his career.

PRO MMA: Bobby thanks for joining us today.
GREEN: No problem, no problem.

PRO MMA: What were you doing when you got the call to fight Dan Lauzon?
GREEN: I was at work, working my nine to five. I get a phone call, ‘you need to come outside, right now. Come outside, you’ve got an Affliction fight. I don’t care if you get fired or not. Get your ass outside.’ That’s what it takes. I believe in keeping it real and being a ‘G’ and what that is…is just keeping it real. Whenever there is something, where somebody needs me, I’m there. I have made my career out of filling spots. Everyone pulls out of this fight and I fill that spot. When it comes to getting my own fight, I’m telling you, I haven’t fought since July because I have had six guys pull out from fighting me. I have to fill spots just to get my fights going. I’ve been at this stuff, maybe, eight or nine months. I’ve gotten myself two titles in nine fights. I am the busiest fighter that you’ll ever meet. I stay hard and I hustle. I’ve been building (my career) off of filling spots. I wasn’t supposed to be here…I am here now.

PRO MMA: What does fighting for Affliction mean for your career?
GREEN: This is the biggest opportunity of my life, right now. That means: go harder than you ever have before. Impress and do what you do. That is all I can say. Be that man that everybody wants their eyes on. I give good shows and that is what I came to do. I’ll give ’em a show.

PRO MMA: Having filled in a lot in your career, is there any issue with stepping in on short notice against an opponent like Dan Lauzon?
GREEN: No. I think he is OK but I don’t think he is ready for somebody like me. I’m telling you, I go forward and I don’t go back. That is all I know. I don’t think Dan is ready for some one like that. Dan is used to fighting his pace and some body who takes a hit form him and look at him and say, ‘hit me again!’ No, your gonna hit me and I’m going to come right back with another hit. That is the thing. I am going to push him so hard he is not going to be ready for it, he is not going to be ready for this kind of pace.

PRO MMA: Is this a win-win situation for you regardless…(interrupts)
GREEN:(laughs) Win-win, yeah! Win all the way! There is no losing to me! Just being here…I’m just here. That’s why it is even more important for me to be so crazy, to be so amped up and to fight so hard. You may only be here one time ever in your whole life. I am going to go at it the hardest I can.

PRO MMA: Was there any talk of maybe a two or three fight deal, or was this a one fight deal with Affliction?
GREEN: We’re talking about that. I’m not going to say what is really going on with that…..
ROMERO: Right now, it’s about tomorrow night and depending on what kind of show he puts on. If he wins, we definitely got a three-fight deal going. If he looses and it’s the fight of the night…or a great show, we are definitely talking deals. It’s a win-win situation for us regardless. We’ve got twenty-two fighters out of the camp. Bobby is one of the top caliber guys in our camp. He has great sparring partners to fight with. We have sparring partners of Dan Lauzon’s caliber, if not better. Bobby is banging with guys that are 200-205 pounds. We have twenty-two fighters and seven titles. Bobby’s banging with the 205 pounders that have the titles. I don’t think Dan can hit him as hard as my 205-pound title holder. We’ll let tomorrow night be the deciding factor on whether or not they want us back or not. I don’t bet, but…I would bet on the fact that they are going to ask us back. Every place we have fought has always asked us back. That is why we got a phone call in twenty-four hours. Knowing that Bobby trains and is always ready. That is why we’re here.

PRO MMA: Because of the short notice, did you have a difficult cut?
GREEN: No. I am actually pretty close to my weight because I am close to a vegetarian. I was walking around at 161, 164 at the heaviest. It was a good eight pounds at the most. Eight or nine pounds.

PRO MMA: How is this fight going to go down?
GREEN: How do I think the fight is going to go? I think he’ll survive the first round because he’s in good condition. The second round is going to be too hard. I’m going to keep going at him and going at him. I bet he is going to think that I am going to ease up on him. That is the problem. I do not ease up until you break. Until he breaks, it is going to be a hard night. It is going to be a real hard night.

PRO MMA: Thank you for joining us, Bobby.
GREEN: Thank you, sir.

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