AFFLICTION M-1 GLOBAL: DAY OF RECKONING – results & play by play

Tonight is the night! AFFLICTION & M-1 GLOBAL: DAY OF RECKONING takes place in Anaheim, CA starting at 6pm CST with the undercard airing on HDNet and with the main card airing on Pay-Per-View starting at 8pm CST.  PRO MMA ( has been live on the scene all week in Anaheim and is sitting ring side tonight and will be providing LIVE play-by-play commentary and real time results so stay tuned right here.

Pay-Per-View Card
(HW) Fedor Emelianenko def. Andrei Arlovski by KO in rd 1
(HW) Josh Barnett def. Gilbert Yvel by submission (strikes) in rd 3
(MW) Vitor Belfort def. Matt Lindland by KO in rd 1
(LHW) Renato Sobral def. Thierry Sokoudjou by submission (DARS) in rd 1
(HW) Paul Buentello def. Kiril Sidelnikov by TKO (strikes) in rd 3
(LW) Dan Lauzon def. Bobby Green by submission (RNC) in rd 1
(WW) Jay Hieron def. Jason High by TKO (strikes) in rd 1

The Pay-Per-View is kicked off with the house lights turned down and the spot light shinning in the middle of the ring. One by one all of the main card fighters are being introduced to the crowd on a platform in front of several big screens. Fedor receives the largest ovation of all of the fighters.

(LW) Dan Lauzon vs. Bobby Green
Before he is even introduced, Bobby Green goes into the stands to hype up the crowd. His music hits and the fans in attendance soak up his energy. Dan Lauzon looks focused and determined heading into the ring to face the man who replaced Chris Horodecki on twenty-four hours notice. Prior to the sound of the bell Oscar De La Hoya’s image is shown to the crowd and is greeted with a mixed reaction.
rd. 1 – The round begins and Green comes out swinging. Lauzon works for a take down but Green tries to lock on a guillotine. The fighters break and Green is still pressing Lauzon but ‘The Upgrade’ dishes it right back. An inadvertent low kick by Green stuns Lauzon below the belt. The crowd boos as Lauzon takes time to recover. Clearly the blow landed flush beneath the belt. The fight restarts with Lauzon throwing a few low kicks and attempting a take down. Green is able to secure Lauzon’s back and suplexes Lauzon. However, Lauzon is able to roll into a triangle choke attempt. Green is able to work out of it and the fight winds up back on the feet. Green and Lauzon clinch and Green is able to work a Thai clinch. Green hits Lauzon below the belt again. The blow, which looks accidental, drops Lauzon to the ground. Herb Dean warns Green and appears to inform him the next low blow will cost him a point. They touch gloves and the bout is on, again. The two men trade low kicks and Green lands another low blow. The crowd boos and Herb dean takes a point away. Green is pointing at his belt saying the kick was not a low blow. Dean calls time to confer with officials. Dean and another official speak to Lauzon in the corner. Dean takes away two points from Green and the crowd is a bit stunned. Green works a takedown and is standing over Lauzon throwing punches to his head. Lauzon works a heal hook and tries to roll for a knee bar. Lauzon takes Green’s back and the crowd is behind him. With ten seconds left Lauzon secures the rear naked choke and Green taps out. The crowd cheers for Lauzon and boos when Green’s image is displayed on the big screen.
Dan Lauzon def. Bobby Green by Rear Naked Choke in rd. 1 (4:50)

After the bout is over Interim UFC Heavyweight champion, Frank Mir makes his way to ringside being accompanied by UFC match maker, Joe Silva. ‘The Dean of Mean’ Keith Jardine is also in attendance.

(HW) Kiril Sedlnikov vs. Paul Buentello
De La Hoya’s image is greeted with a harsh string of boos. Paul Buentello comes out to a nice ovation. Sidelnikov walks to the ring just like his Red Devil counter part, Fedor Emeilanenko: stoic and focused.
rd.1 – The two men touch gloves and the fight is on. Kiril throws a few nice combos but Buentello counters. The two men clinch against the ropes and make their way to Buentello’s corner. They break and exchange punches in the middle of the ring. The two men clinch against one of the neutral corners but break after a few knees and soft blows to the head. Buentello lands a nice right hand to Kiril’s head. A nice jab by Buentello snaps “Baby Fedor’s” head back. The round ends with the two men breaking off after clinching in Kiril’s corner. Fedor’s image is displayed on the big screen and the crowd roars for the WAMMA Heavyweight champ.
rd.2 – The round starts with the two heavyweight’s throwing and missing lefts in the middle of the ring. Buentello lands a nice right hook to the body. Kiril works a few combos and Buentello continues to counter. Kiril lands a nice combo and pushes Buentello into the neutral corner. The crowd cheers but Buentello shakes his finger indicating he is not hurt. They clinch and Buentello lands a nice upper cut. Kiril shoots but Buentello sprawls and stuffs the shot. Buentello lands another stiff jab and Kiril throws a right high kick. Buentello attempts a high kick of his own but slips. The two men both land shots in the middle of the ring. Buentello’s jab snaps Kiril’s head back one more time before the round comes to a close.
rd. 3 – The final round begins with the two men throwing a few shots that miss. The final stanza starts off slower then the first but Buentello picks it up by landing a nice upper cut. Moments later Kiril walks into a Buentello right hand. Kiril is throwing with authority but Buentello takes him down and takes his back for a moment. The fight ends up back on the feet. Buentello lands a left followed by a low kick that knocks the Russian down. Big John McCarthy stops the action to put Kiril’s mouth piece back in. Kiril looks tired as Buentello lands a few nice shots. Buentello’s jab continues to find its mark. Big John stops the action to have the doctor look at Kiril. The doctor and McCarthy confer and the fight is waved off.
Paul Buentello def. Kiril Sidelnikov via TKO at 4:18 in rd 3

(LHW) Renato Sobral vs Thierry Sokoudjou
rd.1 – The fight starts off slow with the two men clinching and Soko takes down Babalu. The fight winds up back on the feet. Soko has the underhooks but he also has his right arm under the rope. Soko and Babalu make their way to Soko’s neutral corner and Big John breaks them up as Soko starts to fall through the ropes. The fight goes back to the middle of the ring and Soko winds on top of Babalu throwing shots to his head. They make their way back up to their feet and Babalu works a nice whizzer. The fight makes its way back to the feet with the two men clinching. Big John breaks them up and they dance around a bit to close out the round.
rd. 2- Babalu lands a few nice left hooks to start the round. Soko throws a left but Babalu shoots and scores the takedown. The Brazilian is landing some hammer fists and working in Soko’s guard. Soko’s head pokes threw the ropes and Babalu continues to work his ground and pound. Big John puts them in the cneter and Babalu is starting to work from Soko’s half guard. Babalu lands some nice shots and transitions for a DARS choke. He gets the gator roll and that is it. Babalu taps Sokoudjou with the DARS. The crowd is chanting BA-BA-LU!
Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral def. Thierry Sokoudjou at 2:36 via DARS

Tito and Babalu take to the mic in the middle of the ring and they shake hands. Tito mentions a possible fight between the two Light Heavyweights before ending the interview. The dialogue between the two men was not as tense as some fans may have predicted.

(MW) Vitor Belfort vs. Matt Lindland
rd. 1 – Belfort and Lindland feel one another out on the feet. They trade shots and Vitor lands a left hook. Lindland falls to his back and Belfort follows up with four vicious hammer strikes to Lindland’s head. Lindland is flat on his back and is stiff as a board. Doctors are helping Lindland up. Lindland tries to come to his knees but he falls back to the ground. Paramedics are holding his head secure in case of a neck injury. They bring a back board into the ring. Lindland has a neck brace on. Dan Henderson and paramedics are talking to Matt trying to see how he is doing. The neck brace is off and Lindland makes his way to his feet and the crowd cheers. The two men shake hands in middle of the ring. Lindland landed one punch and Belfort landed six in thirty-seven seconds.
Vitor Belfort def. Matt Lindland via Knock Out at :37 in rd. 1

Tito comments on how ‘The Old Vitor’ is back. Vitor tells the crowd that he wants to dominate the 185 pound division.

(HW) Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel
Barnett walks to the ring with a big ovation from the crowd and a stone cold look on his face.
rd. 1 – The two men feel one another out on the feet to start the round. Barnett grabs Yvel’s left leg and Yvel is hammering Barnett’s head. Barnett takes Yvel down and works in his half guard. Barnett is working the kimura from the top but lets it go. He goes for it again. Barnett lets it go and starts to work a pass. He is in side control. Barnett finds himeslef in half guard and works a kimura. He mounts Yvel and rains down ground and pound. Barnett is punishing with elbows and punches as Herb Dean watches closely. Barnett tries to transition for an armbar. Yvel manages to get back to his feet and lands a left flush on Barnetts face to close out the round.
rd. 2 – Barnett gets Yvel down and works his way to the crucifix position. Barnett is in half guard and works another kimura attempt. As he remains in half guard he responds to the boos of the crowd and gets mount. He rainds down more ground and pound. Gilbert bucks up but Barnett still holds mount. Yvel throws from his back. Barnett looks tired. Even in mount and throwing elbows and punches the crowd is booing. Barnett picks up the pace and the crowd cheers. Yvel continues to throw from the bottom. Barnett responds to Yvel’s strikes from the bottom with a few nice shots to his head. Barnett works for the arm bar and Yvel rolls into Barnetts gaurd. Yvel throws some hard shots from Barnett’s guard and stands up to the feet and throws a few good blows to Barnett’s head. The crowd is getting behind the underdog Yvel.
rd. 3 – Barnett shoots and Yvel throws some combos but Barnett takes him down. Barnett has mount again. Barnett throws some shots but they are not hurting Yvel that much. Yvel is surviving from the bottom. Barnett’s pace has slowed. The crowd boos due to the lack of action. Barnett picks up the pace again and Yvel taps out to strikes.
Josh Barnett def. Gilbert Yvel via Tap Out at 3:05 in rd. 3

Barnett mentions that he was choking on his own blood during the fight. He apologizes to the fans for not delivering the way he could have.

(WAMMA HW TITLE MAIN EVENT) Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski
Fans are on their feet in anticipation for the WAMMA Heavyweight Championship bout. Despite the rumors of low ticket sales, the Honda Center has been packed since the start of the Pay-Per-View. The crowd is the loudest it has been so far for the entrance of Andrei Arlovski. The fans chant FEDOR even before the lights come down for his introduction. With his usual calm demeanor the number one heavyweight in the world walks to the ring with his eyes fixated on the ground. The crowd’s noise level is brought down by the sound of Russian music serenading Fedor to the ring. The biggest heavyweight bout since Fedor vs. Cro Cop in 2005 is about to begin. As Fedor enters the ring the crowd cheers.
rd. 1 – Andrei throws the first jab. Fedor comes in with a combo and Andrei counters. Fedor lands a nice shot to the body. The two men clinch and Fedor negates an Arlovksi throw attempt. The two men remain in the clinch in Andrei’s corner. Big John breaks them up and they feel one another out in the center. Andrei comes in for a flying knee but Fedor lands a thunderous right hand and drops his countryman. Andrei is out and Fedor has once again proven why he is the greatest heavyweight and possibly the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. The replay shows that Andrei dropped his hands while going in for the flying knee. Andrei looks extremely disappointed.
Fedor Emelianenko def. Andrei Arlovski via KO at 3:14 to retain the WAMMA Heavyweight Title

Fedor poses in the ring with Oscar De La Hoya and Affliction V.P. Tom Atencio. The ring is packed with trainers, WAMMA officials and photographers. Fedor says that “I feel great and that Andrei is great opponent.” He goes on to say “Thank you, thanks to God and thank you to everyone that prayed for me.” Tito brings up Josh Barnett. “Right now I am just thinking about this fight.”

HDNet Card
(LHW) Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Vladimir Matyushenko by TKO (knee) in rd 2
(FW) L.C. Davis def. Bao Quach by unanimous decision
(FW) Albert Rios def. Antonio Duarte by unanimous decision
(WW) Brett Cooper def. Patrick Speight by TKO (uppercut) in rd 2

(WW) Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speight
rd.1 – Very close round both guys trading punches. Round ends with Speight on his back and Cooper standing kicking his legs.
rd.2 – Cooper dropped Speight with a body shot early in the round and then landed some good ground and pound. Speight eventually got back to his feet only to get knocked out with a quick uppercut at 4:10 into the round.
Brett Cooper def. Patrick Speight by TKO (uppercut) in rd 2

(FW) Albert Rios vs. Antonio Duarte
rd.1 – Albert Rios, the number one Mexico MMA fighter got dropped with a punch by Duarte. Rios got two good takedowns on Duarte. Very close round.
rd.2 – Rios had two takedowns this round but Duarte bounced right back to his feet both times. They traded punches and leg kicks the entire round with a few clinches.
rd.3 – Nice right hand by Rios to start the round. Big leg kicks from both fighters. Rios tried to take it down near the end of the round to seal the deal but was stuffed. Rios seemed to be pushing the action at bit more in the final round and that may have made the difference.
Albert Rios def. Antonio Duarte by unanimous decision

(FW) L.C. Davis vs. Bao Quach
rd.1 – L.C. Davis barely avoids a rear naked choke submission as the end of the round bell sounded.
rd.2 – Fairly even round. Quach attempts an armbar.

rd.2 – Davis separated himself from Quach in this round by dominating with ground and pound and finished very strong.
L.C. Davis def. Bao Quach by unanimous decision

(LHW) Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
rd.1 – A fairly cautious first round for both fighters. Nog landed a few good punches and a nice knee to the body near the end of the round.
rd.2 – Nog got rocked early in the round but recovered, came back strong and ended it with a flurry of punches and a big knee putting Matyushenko to the ground.
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Vladamir Matyushenko by TKO (knee) in rd. 2

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