On Tuesday, we brought you the first part of a two part PRO MMA exclusive interview with Joe Lauzon. In the second part, Joe discusses his younger brother Dan’s upcoming fight. Dan takes on Chris Horodecki at Affliction 2: Day of Reckoning on January 24th at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Joe talks about what it is like to train side by side with his brother, what goes through his mind watching Dan fight and his prediction on the lone lightweight contest on “Day of Reckoning’s” main card.

PRO MMA: Your brother Dan has a bout coming up against Chris Horodecki next weekend. Dan has been on a seven fight win streak and none of those wins went to the cards. How do you think he will look in this bout?
Lauzon: I think my brother is way too big for Horodecki. I think my brother is going to go out there and own him. My brother is, first of all, enormous for the weight. He’s got great boxing and is as tough as they come. He’s got great Jiu-Jitsu, great wrestling. I think it is my brother’s fight to win.

PRO MMA: How is he looking in camp?
Lauzon: He looks great. His cardio is good. In the past his weight has always been an issue, but his weight is actually doing really well. He’s doing really well, he will be ready to bang.

PRO MMA: What is it like being able to train with your brother side by side when you both have big fights coming up?
Lauzon: It is good, but it’s kind of almost bad at times when we are both fighting at the same time. Neither one of us can risk an injury, it’s like…you never ever want to lose to your brother. (laughs) It’s almost more important to beat him in training than it is to win the fight! (laughs) You train so hard, you give up nothing and you always have that training partner there that will always push you a little bit farther, and a little bit harder. You never want him to get anything. It’s good when one of us has a fight coming up and not the other. (laughs) The one that doesn’t have a fight is the one that is expendable (laughs). If I have a fight and he doesn’t…I don’t mind giving him a little bit extra, and he will be safe with me. When we both have fights coming up it’s tougher to kind of push as hard as we would want. We are getting a lot better at it. We’re now at the point where if he does something rough to me, I do it back to him…and now we have to keep a referee when we do anything. If they yell “Stop!” as soon as there is any bad blood we stop and don’t train for the rest of the day. No injuries, no stitches or anything like that, so it has been working.

PRO MMA: Joe, do you get more nervous for your fights or watching Dan fight?
Lauzon: Not even close, way more nervous for him! I feel helpless. It doesn’t matter if he is fighting Horodecki in Affliction or fighting in a local show against someone I know he is going to destroy. It is so tough once he goes in the ring and I am on the outside looking in. 

PRO MMA: Your brother has been on a win streak but when he does end up taking some punishment in a fight, because it is still your brother in there, is it hard for you to watch?
Lauzon: It’s not so much I mind seeing him get hit, its the fact that maybe he is not doing things the way I would do it. I see him get hit in training all the time. I have no problem watching him spar and get beat up. It is the advice type things. Things that I would do a little bit differently or strategy. The kid can more then handle his own, he has got a great chin and I don’t mind seeing him get hit. I feel…kind of responsible, because I do influence his training. I do help him just like he helps me. Obviously, I want the best for him…it’s not so much “Oh no, he just got hit,” I really want him to do well and perform.

PRO MMA: What’s your prediction for your brother’s fight?
Lauzon: I think my brother TKO’s him…TKO or submission. I think it’s going to start with the feet. My brother is too big, I think he is way too big. If you look at the press conference, it looks like my brother is fighting a twelve year old kid. I just think he is going to bully the hell out of him.

PRO MMA: Thanks for joining us today, Joe. Best of luck against Hermes in February.
Lauzon: No problem, thank you.

By: Matt De La Rosa

The first part of this PRO MMA exclusive interview with Joe Lauzon can be found HERE.

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