MMA promotion for sale

KFC has been putting on MMA events for over 5 years
KFC has been putting on MMA events for years

Ever dreamed of being an MMA promoter? Ever thought about setting up the fights you wanted to see between the fighters you wanted on the card?

Now is your opportunity. Kentucky Fighting Challenge is putting their Bowling Green, KY show on the market. It’s pretty much like you are buying a franchise; everything is already set up and ready to run and the seller will come in and train the new owner on operations.

They already have five shows booked for 2009. $5,000.00 is all you need to get started. Could you be the next Dana White? Here are the full details from the owner, Jimmy McMurtrie:

Kentucky Fighting Challenge is offering one of it’s best locations for sale. This is Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green Ky. We are expanding our local fights and also into Tn. and I just want to put all my time into those areas. I have been on the road for 5 1/2 years and with my other projects Bowling Green is just a little out of my way. Those of you who have been to this venue know it is just plain great. The staff and the management at this center bend over backward to help with this show. We alway’s draw a large fan base and it has a full bar and food service. We have 5 fights booked starting Jan. 10th 2009 through Nov. 2009. We have a closed contract with the center and no other fights can be held there. If this event is purchased before the Jan. 10th fight you will have that income. I will provide full training and provide the new owner with all the help to get running.The cost to buy this event is $7000.00 with $5000.00 down and the rest on a payment basis. For full details on state Lic. and all other requirements contact: Jimmy Mc ( 859 )948-5577 or e-mail to ( If this show does not sell, we will still keep it going. We will not just walk away from this venue; it’s just to good to do that. If you ever wanted your own MMA show this is the one to have.

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