UFC 92: THE ULTIMATE 2008 – results & live play by play

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Mostapha Al Turk VS Cheick Kongo
Rd.1 – Kongo catches a kick and lands a big shot that sends Turk down to the mat. Turk recovers and stands up. Turk looks for a takedown but Kongo resists and is unable to get Kongo down. Turk lands a low blow and Kongo gets a rest. Now Kongo delivers a low blow and Turk gets a break. Kongo lands some shots that rock Turk and puts him down on his back. Kongo swarms on top of Turk and delivers big elbows and hammerfists that open Turk up and force the ref to stop the fight.
Cheick Kongo defeats Mostapha Al Turk by TKO (strikes) at 4:37 of round 1.

Wanderlei Silva VS Quinton Jackson
Tiki walks in with Rampage.
Rd.1 – There is no touch of gloves. Rampage lands two unanswered jabs. Rampage tries to shoot and gets stuffed. Big leg kicks from Wandy. Rampage lands a big left hook that connects perfectly with Wandy’s chin and puts the Axe Murderer to sleep. One big shot did it and Wandy is still out cold. Finally Wandy appears ok and is sitting up. Wow. Quinton gives props to the Wolf’s Lair and his new boxing trainer.
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson defeats Wanderlei Silva by KO in round 1

Patrick Barry VS Dan Evensen
Rd.1 – Barry comes out strong with kicks, but Evensen fights back against the cage. Barry lands some more kicks and the fight goes to the mat briefly. They are back on their feet and Barry throws a very brutal leg kick that jacks Evensen’s left leg so badly he can’t continue and the fight is stopped.
Patrick Barry defeats Dan Evensen by TKO (kicks) in round 1.

Mike Massenzio VS CB Dollaway
Rd.1 – Dollaway takes a left hook and is hurt. Massenzio gets CB in a guillotine but Dollaway slips out. Massenzio is on his back and Dollaway gets full mount. Massenzio turns over, Dollaway takes his back, flattens him out and pounds out a TKO.
CB Dollaway defeats Mike Massenzio by TKO (strikes) in round 1.

Reese Andy VS Matt Hamill
Rd.1 – Hamill throws a nice high kick that is partially blocked. Nice leg kick by Andy. Nice jabs by Hamill.
Rd.2 – Andy looks for a couple of takedowns but is stuffed. Hamill lands a big knee to the head. Hamill lands a big body shot and then a big left hook to the body that buckles Andy down against the fence. Hamill pounds on the crouching Andy until the ref is forced to stop the attack. Andy’s face is a mess.
Matt Hamill defeats Reese Andy by TKO (strikes) in round 2.

Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship Title Fight
Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Rd.1 – Big uppercut by Mir snaps Nog’s head. Mir takes Nog down but lets him up. Nice combo and uppercut by Mir. Jab lands by Big Nog. Nog looks old and confused and slow. Mir drops Nogueira with a punch but lets him up. Mir’s striking looks really good. Nog has only thrown a few punches and a couple of kicks.
Rd.2 – Leg kick by Nog, and another. Mir lands a huge shot that and two big left hooks that knock Nog flat on his back, he then pounds him out. Finished for the first time ever in 37 fights. Nog looked very old.
Frank Mir defeats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by TKO (punches) in round 2 for the UFC Interim Heavyweight Title.
After the fight Mir went over and pointed at Brock Lesnar and said, “You’ve got my belt!” In the post fight interview Mir said, “I didn’t even think I could be Nogueira.” He also said he had never been more scared walking into the cage tonight. This is a very humble Frank Mir; a Frank Mir that the fans can get behind. (This was one of my “Best Bet” picks. You could have won handsomely if you had listened!)

Main Event – UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Rashad Evans VS Forrest Griffin
Rd.1 – Big leg kick by Rashad. Leg kick by Forrest. Nice right hand by Forrest. Nice leg kick from Rashad and answered by Forrest. Nice left jab and hook by Rashad and a right hand by Forrest. The two fighters traded punches and leg kicks for the entire round. Nearly and even round.
Rd.2 – Rashad’s corner told him to knock him out. Stiff left jab from Evans. Right hand by Forrest followed by a leg kick. Forrest with numerous leg kicks. Almost a repeat of round one.
Rd.3 – Forrest goes down and Rashad jumps on him and lands numerous hammer fists. Forrest looks ok. Rashad lands some elbows. Rashad is in Forrest’s guard, he postures up and lands one big punch and then a few more. He just knocked out Forrest Griffin from inside his guard.
Rashad Evans defeats Forrest Griffin by KO in round 3 for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title

Preliminary bouts:
Yushin Okami def. Dean Lister by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3), R3
Brad Blackburn def. Ryo Chonan by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3), R3
Antoni Hardonk def. Mike Wessel by TKO (Strikes) at 2:09, R2

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