Prosecutor recommends 10 year* prison sentence in Enson Inoue marijuana trial

Enson Inoue has been out on bail since November 14th after spending nearly a month in Japanese prison for marijuana possession.

After his release, Inoue spoke of being a changed man and felt that it gave him a new perspective on life. For Inoue, the original twenty-six days in prison could be a cake walk compared to what he may be facing.

The 41-year-old PRIDE and Shooto veteran’s marijuana possession trial began on December 17th. During questioning, Inoue testified he has been using marijuana two or three times a week for about two or three years.

ADCC is reporting:
At the Tokyo District Court, Inoue admitted to the facts presented in the indictment. The prosecutor stated, “Even though as a kakutouka he was in a position to teach his disciple he was using an illegal drug,” he then presented a recommended sentence of 10 years in prison. The defense meanwhile asked for a lenient sentence at the conclusion of the trial.

The Japanese authorities evidently take marijuana use very seriously as evidenced by the fact a prosecutor would recommend a ten year* sentence for simple marijuana possession.

If Inoue even gets a quarter of the sentence that the prosecutor is asking, it would seem incredibly harsh. The ruling will be announced on December 26th.

*If you notice in the ADCC article it says the prosecutor is recommending ten years. However, if you look at the title it says ten months, so there is a discrepancy in the report.