According to an autopsy report, WEC, UFC, and IFL veteran, Justin Levens and his wife Sarah who were found shot to death in their home on Wednesday, had been dead four days.

The autopsies conducted on Thursday revealed each died from a single gunshot wound. Justin’s wife, Sarah received one shot to the chest which pierced her heart and Justin received one shot to the head.

Investigators did not find a suicide note, however, they do believe the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide based on the position of the bodies and the gun that was retrieved from the scene.

“The position of the body and the gun point to him [Justin Levens] as the shooter,” said a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities are still investigating the incident and toxicology tests will be conducted on both bodies.

Coincidently, on the exact day the bodies were found, Dec. 17, the couple was scheduled to appear in court for a case where they faced charges of aggravated assault from an incident that supposedly took place last December in which a man says he was pulled out of his car and beaten by Levens until his wife told him he’d had enough.

The couple’s attorney, Gary Pohlson, said the couple was not concerned about the case and that Levens was in training and not even in the area when the alleged incident took place.

This case is still under investigation. Stay tuned to PRO MMA – for future updates on this story.

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