Badr Hari may face punishment from K-1

The fallout from Badr Hari’s illegal foot stomp of a downed Remy Bonjasky in the K-1 World Grand Prix final, may not have ended with the red card he received signaling his disqualification.

A recent statement made by K-1 producer Sadaharu Tanikawa indicates that the Moroccan may be punished for his actions.

“If we forgave Hari for such behavior, it would be insulting to all the other fighters. Giving him a red card means he will be fined his entire purse. On top of that, we will have to think of some further punishment after discussing this with [rules director] Nobuaki Kakuda.”

During the broadcast, current K-1 fighter, Ray Sefo and four time World Grand Prix Champion, Ernesto Hoost both agreed Badr Hari’s behavior toward Bonjasky’s cornerman merited the red card.

Hari proceeded to walk towards Bonjasky’s corner and shout at the Dutchman’s trainer, Ivan Hippolyte. Both Hari and Hippolyte were restrained by officials before any altercation could take place.

Hari, K-1 2007-2008 Heavy Weight Champion, showed no remorse in his comments made toward Bonjasky after the fight.

“Remy’s corner was screaming at him to stay down, I came to fight and he didn’t. He’s a great actor.”

While Bonjasky, 32, captured his third K-1 World Grand Prix title (previously in 2003 and 2004) he did not want to win in this fashion.

“I was in tears because I trained very hard for this, and put many things aside to be able to train so much. I didn’t want it to end like it did.”

It will be interesting how this situation pans out and if it could affect a rumored Kimbo Slice-Badr Hari matchup that has been mentioned recently. Stay tuned to as this story continues to unfold.

-Matt De La Rosa

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