K-1 World Grand Prix ends with D.Q.

Remy Bonjasky won his third K-1 World Grand Prix title in the early hours Saturday morning on HDNet. However, he would not be celebrating and beaming of joy having the 2008 K-1 World GP belt wrapped around his waist.

The Dutchman defeated K-1 legend Jerome Le Banner via TKO in his first bout. He followed up that performance by knocking out Turkish fighter Gokhan Saki with a vicious leg shot to the ribs in the semi-finals, setting up a finale with K-1 2007-2008 Heavyweight Champion Badr Hari.

With a main event poised to cap off a night of fights that kept on proving K-1 possesses the best strikers in the world. Badr Hari ruined one of the most exciting K-1 World GP’s to date by channeling his inner Wanderlei Silva.

After being knocked down by Bonjasky in the first round, the Morocco native tripped up Bonjasky and proceeded to throw several strikes to the head while the two men were on the mat, living up to his “Bad Boy” nickname.

Before the referee could prevent Badr Hari from inflicting more damage, he threw in a foot stomp that blurred Bonjasky’s vision.

Badr Hari had been told to report to a neutral corner while Bonjasky recouped, he still couldn’t control himself. Badri Hari decided to move over towards Bonjasky’s corner men and a shouting match ensued.

The officials must have been on the same page with guest commentators, K-1 fighter Ray Sefo and legend Ernesto Hoost, who stated that Badr Hari’s behavior after the stomp more than deserved a disqualification of the K-1 Heavyweight Champion.

While this display of poor sportsmanship may have tarnished Bonjasky’s moment of glory, this could add fuel to the fire behind the rumored match with Kimbo Slice.

Slice had been in attendance providing color commentary. He commented on how he enjoyed the “city of Japan” and how impressive the combatants looked in the ring.

Following the sad events at the Yokohama Arena, a match up between Slice and Badr Hari could be built up as two of fighting’s premier “Bad Boys”.

Slice already has a reputation of a street fighter thanks to his Youtube escapades and ELITE XC hype. Badr Hari now earns the right to be called one of K-1’s most despised fighters.

So for all the MMA fans hoping the Kimbo-K-1 association rumors were just smoke and mirrors, hold on to your keyboards.

-Matt De La Rosa

2 thoughts on “K-1 World Grand Prix ends with D.Q.”

  1. What was Badr Dirty Hari thinking?

    I was up at 7 in the morning for that!

    It was a CRAZY night of fights!

    A year of fighting that all led to …. this?

    Badr Hari deserves all the blame and I heard he is losing his entire purse for the fight.


  2. I feel sad for remi man, he did not deserve this, k1 did not deserve this. The whole sport tarnished by some….
    I say lifetime ban

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