If Ryan Ford ever wins the MFC welterweight title it truly will have been “a long time coming.” The Canadian was scheduled to rematch champion and UFC veteran, Pat Healy last Friday night for the title but was forced out due to injury.

The fan favorite hyper-extended his knee in training and luckily did not suffer any serious damage. The two fighters have agreed to rematch on the February 20th MFC card.

The only reason there is going to be a rematch is because Pat Healy turned in perhaps one of the biggest upsets of the year. The MFC’s outspoken promoter, Mark Pavelich has been grooming Ford for some time.

After impressive performances against Pete Spratt and CJ Fernandes, he was matched against Drew Fickett in order to crown a champion. The fight never happened due to a feud between Fickett and the promotion. Fans were treated to a profanity laden voice mail instead of a title fight.

After a replacement fighter had to bow out due to injury Pat Healy finally got the call to fight. From the moment Ford’s entrance music hit it seemed as if it was going to be his night. The partisan crowd certainly did their part, while Ford continually slammed Healy all over the ring. Despite being thoroughly dominated, Healy’s face showed little frustration or exhaustion.

Late in the third round Healy surprised everyone when he secured an armbar that ended the fight and blemished Ford’s record for the first time. Healy, the third choice for the fight, took home the belt without landing a single punch. (Here’s a video of the fight.)

Since then, Ford has won two fights in a row and a rematch with Healy seems to be the most logical step. On Friday, fans were supposed to find out if Healy could repeat his magical performance but now everyone will have to wait until February. It is a shame that the MFC already used the name “A Long Time Coming,” because when this match up takes place it will be way overdue.

-Richard Mann

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