SWC 2: Battlegrounds – Nov. 28 in Dallas results

Rafael "Sapo" Napal
Rafael "Sapo" Natal

Last Friday saw the second edition of Supreme Warrior Championship’s Battle Ground take over the Frisco Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Athough they began the evening with some technical difficulties, the show ran pretty smoothly for only their second live event.

I couldn’t wait for the fights to start, as the main event promised to be one of the more exciting fights in Texas this year. Jon ” El Jaguar” Kirk (11-4) was taking to the cage to compete against Rafael “Sapo” Natal (he’s 7-1 from the Gracie Fusion team).

Supreme Warrior Championship is one of the few organizations that give opportunities to fighters looking to make their pro debuts. The only downside to that is that you never know what you’re going to get in these fights.

Even though there were many first round stoppages on this evening (just like their previous show), I salute them for giving these guys the opportunity to step into the cage and live their dream.

( ) = actual weight at time of same day weigh ins

Lejerrian Lindsey vs. Bradley Bison
135 lbs (131.8) 135 lbs (131.4)
pro debut pro debut

Both fighters come out with their hands at their chest and circle each other before clinching. L.J. locks in a standing guillotine choke for what seemed like 30 -40 seconds before letting go and unleashing a massive flurry of fists and knees to get the stoppage.

L.J. Lindsey gets the win at 2:13 in round 1 via tko due to strikes

James Hubbard vs. Kennith Biggs
250 lbs (266.8) 250 lbs (266.8)

This match was scratched due to Biggs being injured during warmups.

Nick Bailey vs. Clay Hantz
155 lbs (150.8) 155 lbs (156)
pro debut pro debut

Both fighters came out punching quickly, before Hantz scores a quick takedown and gets to work showing his jits skills.

Winner: Hantz at 59 seconds into round 1 via Rear Naked Choke

Frank Ortega vs. Cesar Rodriguez
135 lbs (135.2) 135 lbs (132.8)
pro debut pro debut

Just like the previous fight, these guys came out quickly although they were working their feet this time. Rodriguez threw a right high kick and Ortega followed up with a front kick. Rodriguez gets the takedown and passes Ortega’s guard with ease. Rodriguez then unleashed his form of ground and pound for what seemed like the entire round. Ortega threw his feet up and secured a sweep to what appeared to be an ankle lock or kneebar (couldn’t quite see good from my seat), Cesar escaped and transitioned back to full mount and started the ground and pound back up until the ref stepped in.

Winner: Cesar Rodriguez via TKO in round 1

Aaron Williams vs. Jeremy Dodd
155 lbs (157.6) 155 lbs (154.4)

Dodd walks right over to Williams and takes him down at the start of the match. Dodd quickly transitions to mount and goes for an armbar which Williams defends and now Dodd is on the bottom. Dodd immediately locks on a triangle choke. Williams attempts a slam ala Rampage Jackson, but can’t pick up Dodd and falls forward. Dodd begins to roll into a mounted triangle, but Williams taps before Dodd gets to the top.

Winner: Dodd at 1:14 in round 1 via triangle choke.

Elmer Guevara vs. Sean Ward
185 lbs (179) 185 lbs ( 185.8)

Both fighters come out throwing kicks. There’s a brief struggle for position and Ward scores a takedown. He looks to land a big punch, then falls back and locks in an ankle lock.

Winner: Sean Ward at 1:15 in round 1 via Ankle Lock

Kamal Shalorus vs. Edwynn Jones
170 lbs (179.2) 70 lbs (173.2)

Kamal comes out quickly looking to control the ring position. Kamal scores a quick takedown and passes to side mount, then quickly to Guevara’s back. Kamal transitions to an arm bar attempt but Edwin slips out. Kamal scores another takedown and gets mount. he begins to throw leather as the round ends.
Round 2 starts and again Kamal looks to control the ring positioning. Kamal shoots a double leg and gets a BIG SLAM ala Matt Hughes. Elmer fights to his feet for a second before Kamal scores another takedown and transitions to Guevara’s back. Kamal can’t quite get his hooks in so he moves back to the side and starts throwing knees to Elmer’s ribs. Kamal goes back to getting his hooks in and sinks the rear naked choke.

Winner: Kamal Shalorus via rear naked choke at 2:53 in round 2.

There is a brief intermission and the promoter Davis Sylvester brings in Marcus ” The Wrecking Ball” Hicks into the cage to promote his new school and to give the fans some background on himself. The big news of the night is Hicks announced his next W.E.C. fight for January 25th. He is set to take on “Razor” Rob McCullough.

Jon ” El Jaguar” Kirk vs. Rafael “Sapo” Natal
185 lbs (191) 185 lbs (185.4)

Kirk comes out and throws a high kick. Natal scores a quick takedown and immediately passes to side control. Kirk goes for a sweep and misses, which allows Natal to move to full mount. Natal moves Kirk to the cage and begins to ground and pound. Natal moves to Kirk’s back off of another failed sweep. Punches start by Natal again. Natal flattens Kirk out and secures a body triangle and then the rear naked choke. Natal gets up and celebrates his victory by running head first into the cage (which dented it by the way.) Not quite the celebration I was expecting from someone nicknamed “Toad”. (Sapo is Portugese for toad.)

I want to thank Davis Sylvester for taking care of us for the second show and we look forward to continuing covering SWC events in the future. Everyone can be on the lookout for interviews with both fighters from the main event and a review on Sprawl’s Grip Flex Shorts in an upcoming Fighter’s Perspective column. So until next time, keep checking out all the great content on ProMMA.info. And for all of your mma shopping needs, go to Sponsor-Fighters.com and click on one of the Amazon links and order before December 17th to guarantee shipping before Christmas.

-Billy “24/7” MacDonald