Antonio Silva could see his license revoked by the California State Athletic Commission if he chooses to fight at Sengoku 7 on January 4th in Japan. According to, newly appointed CSAC Assistant Executive Officer, Bill Douglas notified the former Elite XC Heavyweight Champion about the potential revocation via mail Tuesday.

Despite being suspended by the CSAC for one year following a positive steroid test at Elite XC-Unfinished Business in July, the American Top Team heavyweight had no plans of sitting out for the whole year. Silva had been negotiating with World Victory Road to participate in the promotion and did not seem afraid of any potential disciplinary action by the CSAC. However, that no longer appears to be the case.

While the commission can not stop him from fighting outside of the United States, the disregard of the suspension can prompt the CSAC to revoke his license and have serious repercussions with other state athletic commissions.

Wanderlei Silva tried to compete at PRIDE 34 on April 8th of 2007 before his medical suspension ended due to being knocked out by Dan Henderson at PRIDE 33 forty four days earlier. Although his suspension would have been up three days later on the 11th, he did not want to disobey the NSAC in fear of disciplinary action.

The news makes any immediate move to Japan very difficult for Silva and it could make fights within the U.S. difficult to secure in the future. At the same time, not seeing a pay-check hurts fighters wallets. Sponsorship money does not roll in as much when you’re not fighting and being suspended for a year puts “Bigfoot” between a rock and a hard place with the CSAC.

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