by: Matt De La Rosa

Kim Couture has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Affliction owner Todd Beard.

A Las Vegas judge issued a temporary restraining order against Beard or any employee working for Beard, prohibiting any contact with Couture, or even stepping into the MGM Grand Hotel at this weekend’s UFC 91 events.

Kim Couture confirmed the report to MMAWeekly, “Yes, it is true. The reports are accurate, but I’m not able to comment further at this time.”

The alleged threat happened Friday October 17th. Couture has stated that Beard has “a series of threats and acts intended to intimidate me and otherwise coerce me to ‘back off.”

Couture also stated “My fear of Mr. Beard is well-founded given his extensive criminal history. Not only has he been convicted of numerous state and federal felonies relating to fraud…he has engaged in numerous acts of violence, including violence against women.” reported on the legal past of Todd Beard, supporting the restraining order.

“In support of this request, this complaint includes a summary of a private background check on Beard. The background check allegedly discovered Beard to be a five-time felon with prison and jail time served. Among the offenses Beard allegedly committed are forgery, fraud, domestic abuse, and DUI. The complaint also alleges that Beard appeared in a Los Angeles court room just last week on a charge of threatening another’s life.”

Beard’s recent public tirades have been well documented since Randy Couture re-signed with the UFC. The Afflcition owner went on Scott Ferrall’s Sirius Satellite Radio show declaring “Randy, if you’re listening right now, I hope Lesnar (expletive) kills you.”

Beard also had a well documented shouting match with Zuffa owner, Lorenzo Fertitta in a conference call on October 20th.

Apparently, the threats made towards Couture originated from asking Beard for an accounting of profits from the Xtreme Couture clothing line.

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