Ryan, Kim, & Randy Couture - MMA's First Family

by:  Jack Bratcher

Friday, November 7th saw the MMA amateur debut of Ryan Couture, son of the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Ryan defeated Ricky Perez (1-1) with a triangle choke submission in round one at a West Coast Fight Club event in Bellingham, Washington.

Ryan Couture used to train at the West Coast Fight Club before moving to Vegas almost a year ago and his former coach and promoter of the event, Cody Houston, had originally invited Ryan up to Washington just to be a spectator at the event.

According to Xtreme Couture, Ryan told his former coach he would like to come to the MMA event however, he wanted to compete, not just sit back and watch. Houston, pleased with Ryan’s decision, went to work and put the fight together, paving the way for young Couture to get his very first match and victory.

Next up to bat for team Couture this month is Papa, who will be facing some thing known as a Brock Lesnar this coming Saturday, November 15th.   Considering all factors, it will most likely be the toughest fight of Randy Couture’s career; not to mention it’s being billed as “the biggest fight in MMA history.”

Then to top it all off, about one week later on November 21st, Momma Couture (0-1) will be fighting Lina Kvokov (0-1) at Strikeforce:  Destruction in San Jose.

With Ryan now fighting in the amateur ranks, Kim just getting started with her pro career, and Randy the seasoned vet who has seen it all, the Couture family makes up the whole gamut of MMA competition.

Imagine what a household like this must consist of where the son, the mother, and the father are all fighters and to top it off Papa is the Heavyweight Champion of the world! Surely the Couture’s could be labeled the First Family of MMA.

Wonder if the day will ever come when they all three could fight on the same card?  It is doubtful considering the UFC has no plans of featuring female mma.  However, there’s a very strong possibility that Ryan and his mother Kim, could one day be on the same Strikeforce card together.

Thanks to MMARated for posting the result of Ryan Couture’s debut fight and the video which can be seen below.

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