Pro MMA Radio interview with Brock Lesnar

We are now less than two weeks away from what is being billed as “the biggest fight in UFC history.”  That is an enormous title to live up to; but for different reasons, if there are two MMA fighters who can live up to the challenge it is these two Octagon warriors.  On the one hand we have Randy “the Natural” Couture; the wise and weathered veteran who has seen it all, been through it all, and sits upon the throne as King of the UFC.

But a famed warrior reminiscent of Conan has burst through the castle doors and challenged the ruler to a duel in front of the whole kingdom.  This warrior is bigger, faster, stronger and in many ways the antithesis of our battle-hardened king.  It will be a fight for the ages, for all the glory and all the treasure the Master of the Octagon deserves.

Brock Lesnar spoke with our friend Larry Pepe at Pro MMA Radio to talk about his upcoming epic battle.  In this rare exclusive interview the UFC Heavyweight Title challenger tells us what it means to get a UFC title shot after only three MMA fights, what exactly set him off at the E-60 interview and what we can expect to happen on November 15th.

Brock Lesnar is ready to do this and is chomping at the bit to get in the cage.  He is about to fight in what most believe will be the most viewed event in UFC history.  Does that put any additional pressure on the blonde behomoth brawler? According to him, it hasn’t even entered his mind. “I’m so honored to step into the Octagon with Randy…hopefully there is a lot of people watching…it’s an exciting thing for myself…I don’t give it much thought…it’s a task, there’s a human being holding something I want and that’s the UFC Heavyweight Title.”

Having been on the large WWE pay-per-views before helps Brock deal with knowing how many people will be watching him perform in this epic event. Had he not had had the past experience of being in front of so many people he said maybe then he would feel the pressure.

Brock doesn’t see much use in talking about why he’s fighting Randy or if he is “deserving” of the title shot because according to him “it’s history…the fight is going to happen” it’s already been decided and that’s it. He does seem to realize it was a business decision.

Lesnar has watched and studied all of Randy Couture’s fights in preparation for this bout.

In Brock’s mind he is a better wrestler than Randy. When it comes to the stand up game, Brock says that he is a “huge threat to him. I’ve got a reach advantage and a power advantage over him. Randy hasn’t knocked anybody out..”

Besides experience, what most concerns Brock about Randy? “When it comes down to it he may be a little slicker on the inside with the dirty boxing.”

But Brock’s strategy seems to be well-ingrained at this point, “We’re gonna try to overpower him and control this guy and eliminate all of our question marks.”

Randy weighed in his last fight (over a year ago) at 228.5 lbs. Brock will be weighing in between 275-280 lbs.

Lesnar assures Larry in the interview that throughout his training camp he has been a hundred percent healthy and has no idea where certain rumors came from saying he had injured his hamstring.

Lesnar brought in some very high level Greco-style wrestlers that had actually competed against Randy to help prepare for this fight.

Some have stated that part of Randy’s plan may be to take Brock into the later rounds and try to tire the big man out. However, Lesnar feels he will actually have the advantage the further the fight goes because Randy will have to deal with pushing around and having 280 lbs. on top of him whereas Lesnar will be dealing with a much smaller opponent. And of course Lesnar has been training to go a full five rounds.

“Going five rounds is not a huge threat to me at all.” It’s a good point to realize that Lesnar went fifteen minutes with Heath Herring, he was very active the entire fight, and looked incredibly fresh at the end of the match. “That is one reason” Lesner says, “I am so confident about going five rounds.”  (And Herring is about 25 pounds heavier than Randy will be at fight time)

Randy Couture’s wife, Kim, had this to say when she found out her husband would be fighting Lesnar, ‘It’s surprising to me…shocking, that they would throw a guy in there with only three fights…I kind of feel sorry for the guy…He’s no bigger or tougher than Gonzaga or Silvia.”

Lesnar’s reaction to Mrs. Couture’s statements, “I’m glad he has a supporting wife.”

In response to Randy saying he will take Brock down and put him on his back, “I hope he does try to take me down. I’m surrounded by great wrestlers who can’t take me down. Hopefully in his mind he comes prepared and if he gets me down, he’s gonna have a hell of a time trying to keep me down.”

Mario Yamasaki it seems will be reffing this Heavyweight bout. Lesnar talks about he and his camp’s decision to try and get Steve Mazzagatti removed from even having the possibility of refereeing this match.

Lesnar proclaims in reference to Mazzagatti, “He won’t referee any of my fights in the future.” Somehow he seems very sure of this.

Lesnar talks about the E-60 interview when he got up and walked out on the host when the topic of steroids was brought up. He said that it came at a point in the interview when he had already told the guy he was done. “It’s one of those things where I’ve been accused of using steroids my entire life since about the tenth grade in high school. And I never once have given any indication that I have used or abused steroids. I have never failed a drug test. Now if I was a black guy, would I get asked this question a hundred times? I’m just a white guy that has great genetics so I guess that puts a bull’s eye on me.”

Quote of the interview: “Why the hell would Fedor ever want to fight Randy Couture after I fight and beat Randy Couture?”

Brock hopes that Frank Mir wins the fight with Nogueira so he can get a rematch with him.

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This was an incredible interview by Larry. He gets more in-depth with the fighters than probably anyone in the business. To listen to interview with Brock Lesnar and to hear the entire PMR 20 broadcast go to now!