Weigh-ins for UFC 90 took place on Friday at 4pm CT at the Chicago Theater in Chicago, Illionois.  All of the fighters made weight although there was a slight scare with Josh Burkman when he weighed in three pounds over the  170 lb. welterweight limit.

Burkman who seemed very surprised at his weight came back an hour later and made 171 lbs.  Non-title fights allow for a one pound discrepancy if a participant is over the limit.

Main Event – UFC Middleweight Title
Patrick Cote (183) VS Anderson Silva (184)

Main Card
Thiago Alves (171) VS Josh Koscheck (170)
Junior “Cigano” dos Santos (234) VS Fabricio Werdum (256)
Tyson Griffin (155) VS Sean Sherk (156)
Gray Maynard (155) VS Rich Clementi (156)

Preliminary Card
Drew McFedries (186) VS Thales Leites (186)
Shannon Gugerty (156) VS Spencer Fisher (155)
Matt Horwich (186) VS Dan Miller (185)
Marcus Aurelio (156) VS Hermes Franca (156)
Pete Sell (170) VS Josh Burkman (171*)

3 thoughts on “UFC 90 weigh-in results”
  1. Werdum looked flabby to me at the weigh in, while Dos Santos looked ripped at 235. it may no amount to anything, but werdum has been complaining about brock getting the title shot over him. he could possibly be taking dos santos too lightly. werdum does deserve the title shot over brock, but randy/werdum is not the fight everyone wants to see. werdum is guaranteed a title shot if he beats dos santos, so really the supposed “4 man tounament” is really a 5 man tourney with werdum actully having the easiest road to get there. he just has too wait a little longer. werdum has been known to underperform on more than 1 occasion, so if he gets upset by dos santos, he has nobody to blame but himself. this fight has took on a whole new meaning to me.

  2. Yeah good call Brent. Makes a lot of sense. Werdum definitely deserves a shot. I think he will win tonight.

  3. looks like wedum was overlooking his opponent or he just got caught. either way he should have come in better shape and more prepared. it’s gonna be awhile before he gets a shot now. he can get there, but he definetly needs to change his meantallity.

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