We here at PRO MMA http://promma.info provide live play-by-play coverage of all UFC events and UFC 90:  Silva vs. Cote from Chicago, Illinois was a great one. There were some great wars including the return of Sean Sherk taking on the very tough Tyson Griffin who incidently is the only fighter ever to defeat Urijah Faber.

Josh Koscheck fought the toughest fight of his life against Thiago Alves who nearly finished Koscheck but the TUF veteran showed incredible heart and ability to recover and was able to go the distance with Alves.

Fabricio Werdum had high hopes for the UFC Heavyweight division coming into this fight.  He was very close to a title shot but and some would say he was past due but his road to the title took a sharp left turn tonight when he ran head first into the fist of  Junior dos Santos.

Then it was time for the champ to make his way to the Octagon.  He came out so cool and smoothe he practically floated to the cage as he moved to the music.  Cote looked very calm and ready and Silva looked so at ease one could think he was bored.

The Main Event began and it became clear Anderson Silva wanted to give a great show to the fans.  He moved around the ring performing his battle dance and almost toying with Cote.  Silva was clearly winning the bout but was unable to get the finish he and his fans expected due to a sudden and freak accident to Cote’s knee caused the action to be stopped.

Here’s how the action went down:

Tyson Griffin vs. Sean Sherk (LW)
Rd.1 – Sherk comes in presses Griffin against the cage and gets him down, takes his back with both hooks in.  Griffin walks over to Randy to get advice and obviously got it cause he threw Sherk off his back.  Sherk lands a big right hook.  Sherk shoots but gets stuffed.  Sherk trying to get him down but is eating numerous punches that open his nose.  Sherk stil holding onto Griffin’s leg, let’s go and he eats a huge right hand from Griffin.  Nice leg kick by Griffin followed by an uppercut and leg kicks from Sherk.  Legt hand from Sherk.  Griffin shoots but gets stuffed.    Sherk has Griffin’s back again but lets it go.  Big uppercut by Griffin.  Nice combo by Sherk.  Nice exchange.  Great round.
Rd.2 – They exchange and Sherk shoots angd gets Griffin down but he pops right up and eats a couple from Sherk. Sherk’s hands look good. Big left from Sherk. Sherk is far from just a wrestler these days. Big combo from Sherk. Left hand from Griffin connects. Big leg kicks from Griffin. Griffin pushing the pressure he’s feeling very confident. Sherk shoots, is stuffed but makes Griffin eat a few. Griffin fires back and throws a head kick. Griffin slowing down just a bit.
Rd.3 – Sherk gets rocked but fires back with soem strikes of his own. Right hand connects by Griffin. Nice knees from Sherk from the clinch. Right hand by Griffin. Sherk lands a left. Right hand by Griffin. Leg kick by Griffin answered by Sherk. Leg kicks from Sherk. Sherk with a nice combo. Nice right by Griffin. Big left from Sherk. Big leg kick from Griffin. Left hand by Sherk and a leg kick. Right hand by Sherk. Both guys firing away with thirty seconds left. Sherk getting the better of the stand up it seems near the end. Griffin runs circles around the ring after the fight. Sean Sherk defeats Tyson Griffin by unanimous decision.

Junior “Cigano” dos Santos vs. Fabricio Werdum (HW)
Rd.1 – Leg kick Werdum. Big leg kick Werdum and returned by dos Santos. Another leg kick by Werdum. Big uppercut by dos Santos meets the chin of Werdum as he ducks down, this drops Werdum to the canvas. He is already out but dos Santos follows up with about three bombs for good measure until the ref can pull him off. Junior “Cigano” dos Santos defeats Fabricio Werdum by KO in round 1.

Gray Maynard vs. Rich Clementi (LW)
Rd.1 – Grey lands a couple of shots partially blocked. Maynard lands a nice right hand. Big leg kick by Clementi. Maynard shoots but gets stuffed. Body shot Maynard. Nothing landing too solid yet. Nice right by Maynard. Clementi has not landed a good punch yet. Maynard picks Clementi up and lays him down hard with a slam. Maynard is in Clementi’s half guard throwing shots to the body. Elbows by Maynard followed by a couple of punches while still on the ground.
Rd.2 – Nice left followed by a combo from Maynard. Nice right by Maynard. Leg kick Clementi. Maynard clinches for a takedown but Clementi stops it. Maynard shoots, gets a wrap on Clementis and slams him. However, Clementi gets up but Maynard puts him right back down. Scramble on the ground with Maynard on top. Maynard with some big body shots while on the ground. Another scramble on the ground with Maynard maintaining control and position.
Rd.3 – Clementi must know he is behind. Gray gets another big slam. Maynard has Clementi’s neck but Clementi escapes that and looks for a kimura. Clementi tries to stand by Maynard puts him back down. The referee is awful. He keeps yelling at the guys to do something when they are clearly actively fighting on the ground. Gray looks at the ref like he’s fucking moron. Clementi gets up by Maynard puts him right back down. They scramble and Clementi gets up but once again Maynard puts him down. The Bully shows “no love” says Goldie. Maynard clearly controlled the action. This is a ref I have never seen before, a Chicago local I assume. The WORST ref EVER! Gray Maynard defeats Rich Clementi by unanimous decision.

Thiago Alves vs. Josh Koscheck
Rd.1 – Left hand by Alves. Koscheck goes for a sideckick but slips…he gets up and is fine. Big left hand drops Koscheck. Alves jumps on him with a few more shots but Koscheck grabs a leg and recovers. He’s back on his feet and throwing punches. He appears recovered but just ate a hiigh kick but returns with a nice right hand then a leg kick. Big leg kick from Koscheck. Big right hand by Koscheck followed by a nice body punch. Leg kick Alves. Another big leg kick from Alves. Nice right hand by Koscheck followed by a body shot then grabs a leg. Alves gets out of it. Big leg kick Alves. Another big l eg kick by Alves. Nice leg kick followed by a combo by Alves.
Rd.2 – Alves looking hungry and dangerous. Alves lands a nice jab. Overhand right by Koscheck but is blocked. Koschedk choosing to stand and trade. High kick from Koscheck mostly blocked. Inside leg kick Alves. Knee by Koscheck to the body. Koscheck clinches up against the cage. They separate back to the center. Big leg kick Alves makes a thud. Body kick by Koscheck lands nicely. Alves stalking Koscheck agaisnt the cage. Huge leg kick bollowed by a body kick from Alves. Left shot to the chin by Alves. Koscheck shoots in however Alves has at least momentarily stuffed it. Koscheck still holding on with a body lock. Bell sounds.
Rd.3 – Koscheck’s corner told him he needs a KO. Alves lands a kick and then multiple punches that drop Koscheck. Alves is tearing him up but somehow Koscheck survives. Koscheck poked in the eye and fight is briefly stopped. Nice right hand by Koscheck but followed up with a leg kick by Alves. Another leg kick by Alves. Another huge leg kick by Alves. Koscheck wants this and is trying to make it happen but he has a huge man in his way. Now Alves gets poked in the eye and the fight is halted for a moment again. One minute thirty seconds left. Leg kick from Alves. Big left hand from Koscheck. Huge leg kick crumples Koscheck and then eats some shots right behind it by Alves. Alves with another huge leg kick. Koscheck lands some good punches. Koscheck ooks at the clock and knows it’s almost over, he comes forward throwing punches and a side kick. Much respect to Josh Koscheck for hanging in there and taking this fight on two weeks notice. Incredible fight. Thiago Alves defeats Josh Koscheck by unanimous decision.

MAIN EVENT TITLE FIGHT:  Patrick Cote vs. Anderson Silva (MW)
Rd.1 – Here we go.  Silva looks very calm.  Cote with a leg kick.  Silva moving around feling him out.  Cote swings but his shot is blocked.  Silva warming up and picking up his movement pace.  Leg kick from Silva.  Cote kicks but catches wind.  Body kick from Silva followed by a leg kick.  Silva moves in with some shots.  Head kick by Silva.  Left jab Silva.  Leg kick Cote.  Both guys dancing a little.  Leg kick from Silva.  Bell sounds. Silva landed two big knees to the head that round.
Rd.2 – Leg kick by Cote is checked. Huge left from Silva followed by a head kick. Cote eats it and lands a spinning back fist. Silva clinches up. Cote swings but misses. Here comes the champ. Leg kick from Silva. Cote shoots but Silva moves like a matador and lets Cote fall and Silva gets on top in Cote’s guard. Elbows from the bottom by Cote. Silva stands up and moves back. Silva offers him a hand up but Cote refuses. Cote rushes in and almost twists his ankle. Leg kick by Silva but Cote catches it and puts him against the fence. Silva holds him off and lands and elbow. Knees to the body by Silva.
Rd.3 – Both fighters come out from their corners. Cote starts hopping forward and suddenly grabs his knee and falls to the ground. He most likely tore an ACL or something similar. He said it was an old injury. Cote is unable to continue. Actually I think it was a Jedi mind trick from Silva myself. Anderson Silva defeats Patrick Cote by TKO (knee injury – unable to continue) in round 3.

Preliminary Bouts:

  • Thailes Leites defeats Drew McFedries by submission (rear naked choke) in round 1.
  • Pete Sell defeats Josh Burkman by unanimous decision
  • Hermes Franca defeats Marcus Aurelio by unanimous decision
  • Dan Miller defeats Matt Horwich by unanimous decision
  • Spencer Fisher defeats Shannon Gugerty by submission (triangle choke) in round 3

Knockout of the Night: Junior “Cigano” dos Santos with his KO of Fabricio Werdum
Submission of the night: Spencer “The King” Fisher with a triangle submission of Shannon Gugerty
Fight of the Night: Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin

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