UFC 89: Bisping vs. Leben – results & play by play

UFC 89: Bisping vs. Evans took place in Birmingham England on Saturday, Oct. 18.  Here are the results of the event with a play by play of the main card.

Per Eklund Wins by Submission (Choke) at 1:47 in the 3rd round by rear naked.
Jim Miller Wins by Submission (Choke) at 3:19 in the 3rd round by rear naked.
Terry Etim Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round .
David Bielkheden Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round .
Dan Hardy Wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round .

Paul Kelly vs. Marcus Davis
Rd.1 – Two leg kicks by Davis.  Kelly hanging back, swings and misses.  Davis with a nice jab working holds back Kelly.  Both guys swinging big.  Nice body kick by Davis.  Leg kick then a body kick by Davis.  Davis gets a takedown.  Elbows by Davis.  Davis passes to side control, tries to mount but Kelly bucks and stands up.  body kick by Davis.  High kick by Kelly is blocked.
Rd.2 – Both guys exchanging but nothing really landing. Kelly shoots and gets the takedown but Davis catches his head in a guillotine, pulls full guard, wraps his legs, squeezes his neck and Paul Kelly is forced to tap. Marcus Davis defeats Paul Kelly by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:16 of round 2. Paul Kelly after the fight says, “I shouldn’t have tapped. I should have gone out like a man.”

Chris Lylte vs. Paul Taylor
Rd.1 – Huge shots from both guys winging like they are in a war for their life.  Big shots landing by Lytle.  Big right by Lytle.  Nice judo throw by Lytle but Taylor rises right back up.  Right hand by Taylor followed by an elbow, then a right hand rocks Lytle for just a second.  The fighters clinch up and remain like this until the bell sounds.
Rd.2 –  Lytle with a couple of nice shots.  Lytle gets a takedown but Taylor bounces right up.  Big left by Lytle followed by a leg kick from Taylor.  Taylor with a takedown but Lytle bounces up.  The clinch; big swings from Lytle miss.  Leg kick by Taylor.  Lytle winging huge punches which could be tiring him a bit.  Round ends as fighters are clinched.
Rd.3 – Both guys swinging for the fences.  Lytle landing huge body shots followed by a punch to the face that lands solid.  Lytle landing big but Taylor doesn’t look hurt.  Taylor appears to be the fresher fighter at this point with Lytle looking somewhat winded.  Taylor with a leg kick.  Lytle has his hands low, shoots in and gets a takedown but Taylor gets up without taking damage. With less than a minute left Taylor lands a huge right hand followed by an uppercut.  Lytle has a chin of iron.  Wow!  A very amazing fight! Chris Lytle defeats Paul Taylor by unanimous decision. Chris Lytle says after the fight he would like to fight Marcus Davis, he respects him and with their styles he thinks it would be an exciting fight.  Most would agree.

Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Luiz Cane
Rd.1 –  Inside leg kick by Soko followed by a body kick.  Head kick lands by Soko.  Right hand by Soko but Cane keeps pressing forward.  Body kick by Soko.  Leg kick by Cane.  Leg kick by Soko followed by a punch to the head.  Soko applying the pressure, lands and uppercut.  big body shot by Soko.  Luiz Cane still right in front of Sokoudjou.  Leg kick Soko.  Body kick by Cane lands nicely.  Very explosive strikes by Sokoudjou but Cane handled it and responded with some good shots of his own.
Rd.2 – Jumping roundhouse by Soko.  Nice right hand by Cane lands.  Leg kick by Soko followed by a right hand by Cane.  Soko looking a bit flat-footed and maybe somewhat tired.  Sokoudjou has slowed down his pace and eats a big knee from Cane.  Right hand by Sokoudjou.  Nice jab by Cane.  Big knee to Sokoudjou’s face as he ducks down and then Soko eats another knee.  Then a big left hand from Cane connects solid to Sokoudjou’s chin, dropping the African Assassin to the mat.  Cane follows up with big punches until the ref steps in.  Luiz Cane defeats Thierry Sokoudjou by TKO (strikes) in round 2.

Shane Carwin vs. Neil Wain
Rd.1 –  They clinch.  Carwin gets the takedown and passes guard to side control.   He lands some punches and opens Wain up.  Carwin gets full mount and punches away unti the ref calls it.  Shane Carwin defeats Neil Wain by TKO (strikes) at 1:31 in round 1.

Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera
Jardine does the new nipple twist thingy that the whole Jackson camp is now using as a good luck charm before their fights…..hey….it seems to be working!
Rd.1 – Jardine lands a big right and then takes Vera to the ground. Vera looking for a kimura. Jardine has a cut on the top of his head. Jardine eats some elbows by Vera from the bottom. Some nice ground and pound by Jardine. Ref stands them up. Leg kick by Jardine followed by a body kick and leg kick by Vera. Right hand by Jardien. Vera rocks Jardine with a right hand that causes him to put one hand on the mat but Jardine swings back big and connects with Vera causing him to go down as well. Jardine tries to finish him off but the bell sounds.
Rd.2 – Leg kick by Jardine followed by a leg kick by Vera followed by another leg kick by Jardine. Vera stuffs a takedown attempt. Vera catches Jardine’s leg and takes him down bbut Jardine is right back up. Jardine swings big but nothing lands. High kick by Vera is blocked. Nothing substantial lands in the last couple of minutes of the round. However, during the round Vera landed a knee stomp to Jardine that could have injured his knee. The replay was nasty showing the knee hyper-extend.
Rd.3 – They exchange punches. Leg kick by Vera and another. Jardine catches a leg and returns a body kick. Right hand by Jardine lands. Right straight left connects by Vera. Body punch by Vera. Jardine looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Clinched up and Jardine lands a couple of shots as the bell sounds. 29-28 Vera, 29-28 Jardine, 29-28 Jardine. Keith Jardine defeats Brandon Vera by split decision. This is a much needed big win for Jardine.

Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben
Rd.1 – Leben looks very calm and relaxed.  Leg kick by Leben and another and another.  Leben stalking.  Leben catches a leg and lands a shot.  bisping lands a nice left.  Leben returns the favor.  Bisping with a right.  Bisping catches a kick and lands a kick of his own to Leben’s head.  Left hand by Leben.  Nice shot by Bisping then a Superman punch.  Leben still stalking and lands a couple.  Leben’s nose is bleeding.  Body kick by Bisping followed by a left hand and  aright.  Leben lands one back.  Nixe exchanges with a very active first round.  Great round.
Rd.2 –  Left hook by Bisping.  Leben slips and falls but gets right up.   Leben’s nose is probably broke and causing breathing problems.  Leg kick by Leben.  Nice jab from Bisping.  Low kick catches Bisping in the groin….time out.  Bisping is looking more technical.  Left hand by Leben then a right by Bisping.  Two leg kicks from Leben and a left hand by Bisping.  Left jab followed by a right from Bisping.  Leben lands a couple of big lefts and another.  Leben stops in the middle of the cage with his hands down by his side and taunts Bisping, then throws a big left that cattches Bisping in the back of the head.
Rd.3 – Left hand by Leben.  He’s still stalking Bisping but Bisping is counter-fighting very well.  Leg kick by Leben.  Punch by Bisping then a leg kick.  Leben’s face is busted up pretty badly but he doesn’t appear tired or hurt.  Three minutes left.  Leg kick from Leben.  Takedown by Leben but Bisping is back up and lands a right.  Final minute…both guys look up at the clock with 20 seconds left.  Leben moves in and puts his hands behind his back and offers Bisping a free shot to the face, Bisping lands a light-landing head kick as the bell sounds.  That was awesome by Leben, clearly believeing Bisping could not KO him even with a free shot.  30-27 Bisping, 30-27 Bisping, 29-28 Bisping.  Michael Bisping defeats Chris Leben by unanimous decision. After the fight Bisping says that he’s honestly probably not quite ready for a title shot but maybe after a couple more fights he will be ready. Leben has matured so much and thanked the fans and said this was his favorite fight. He definitely pressed the action and swung big.