The Russian invasion of The Shemetov Brothers

Vitaly Shemetov
Sergey Shemetov

by:  Jack Bratcher

Meet Sergey and Vitalius Shemetov; two brothers from Siberia with more combat credentials than General George Patton.  The Shemetov brothers have spent many years training and paying their dues in their homeland and around Europe and now have decided to set their sights upon America.

They have seen another couple of Russian brothers venture into the U.S. and gain the respect and attention of fans and media alike and they too have similar aspirations.

Growing up and being trained in combat Sambo, the brothers began expanding their repertoire with muay thai, kickboxing, and boxing and competing in events such as Kumite, Pancrase, K-1,  DRAKA, and much more.  Here’s an abbreviated list of the accomplishments of the brothers Shemetov:

Vitaly (Vitalius) Shemetov

  • Champ. of Europe kick-boxing IKF, Greece 2001
  • Owner of the World Cup muay thai IAMTF 2002
  • Champ. of Russia muay thai 2002
  • Champ. of Russia kick-boxing 2003
  • Winner of the World Cup Pancrase 2004
  • Champ. of Russia WSFC 2003, 2004
  • Absolute champion of Europe DRAKA, Latvia 2005
  • Fighter is at the SHERDOG.COM “Current highest rankings sambo fighters

Sergey Shemetov

  • Champ. of Russia WSFC 2000, 2003, 2004
  • Owner of the World Cup Pancrase 2001
  • Champ. of Russia muay thai 2002
  • Champ. of Russia free-fighting 2002
  • Champ. of Russia kick-boxing 2003
  • Winner of the Cup ММА, Spain 2005
  • Fighter is at the SHERDOG.COM “Current highest rankings sambo fighters

PRO MMA has been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with Vitaly and Sergey and got them to share a little about their background and what they would like to accomplish in the ever-growing and expanding world of Mixed Martial Arts.  These are the type of fighters hardcore MMA fans salivate for.  Here’s a record of that chat:

PRO MMA: Hello Vitaly and Sergey. How are you doing? Can you please tell our readers who may not be familiar with you who you are and where you are from?
SHEMETOV BROS.: We are Sergey (24 years) and Vitaly Shemetov (23 years) and we are from Russia.

PRO MMA: You both are from Russia and you both have a Sambo background. What is it with Russia and the great fighters who are brothers? Russia has some tough fighters and they seem to come in pairs of two! Do you know Fedor or his brother Alex personally?
SHEMETOV BROS: Sambo-wrestling in Russia very developed kind of sports as it has arisen to Russia. We 7 years training have given struggle of sambo-wrestling-judo. Personally with Fedor and Alex we did not meet, responses at us only positively. They are an example for many Russian fighters MMA.

Vitaly Shemetov Highlight:

PRO MMA: Do you guys look at Fedor as maybe a type of role model? Would you like to do what he has done as far as fighting outside of Russia and becoming well known all over the world as one of the best MMA fighters of all time? As a Russian are you proud of him and how he represents your country?
SHEMETOV BROS.: We too wish to reach greater heights, results in MMA K1 and for this purpose do all, but it is not enough one aspiration, without promotion manager on a world scene as we live in Siberia, Omsk. Certainly Russia to be proud brothers Emelianenko.

PRO MMA: Ok, I have to ask. Which of the Shemetov brothers is the toughest? Who would win in a Sambo match between Vitaly and Sergey? Who would win in an MMA fight?
SHEMETOV BROS.: Between with as itself we never acted on competitions of sambo-wrestling, MMA at us different weight categories, only on training as free-fights partners.

PRO MMA: Who do you train with; do you have a team or a gym you train with?
SHEMETOV BROS.: We train now two times a day to Omsk, at us are good the teacher on sambo-wrestling and boxing. But at an opportunity we leave on gathering in Holland, Japan, and trained with skilled fighters MMA K1, Alistair Overeem, Gilbert Yvel, Tayron Spung, Rodney Foverus, Nicholas Pettas, Peter Grehum.

PRO MMA: Both of you have achieved a tremendous amount as combat athletes. Have you tried out for the Olympic Sambo or wrestling team or do you ever want to represent your country in the Olympics?
SHEMETOV BROS.: In youths we were engaged sambo-wrestling, but gradually we send to shock techniques kick-boxing, boxing.

PRO MMA: Do you still compete in Sambo and kickboxing or do you only fight MMA now?
SHEMETOV BROS.: Yes on kick-boxing we act, last time we acted in К1-rules, Marseille, France, but preferences we give MMA more.

PRO MMA: What do you want to accomplish in MMA? What is your ultimate goal in MMA?
SHEMETOV BROS.: To enter into elite of fighters MMA, in star structure as Brothers Emelianenko. To act on large world tournaments MMA, UFC…

PRO MMA: In America, the UFC is seen as the top MMA promotion in the world with the best competition. How do the people view the UFC in Russia? Do people in Russia think the UFC has the best MMA fighters in the world?
SHEMETOV BROS.: UFC it is very popular in Russia, cartridges with records of fights enjoy the big popularity as this version is very prestigious for sportsmen, in fact there act all the best fighters.

Sergey Shemetov Highlight:

PRO MMA: Do you Sergey and you Vitaly both want to fight in the UFC some day? What do you have to do to make that happen?
SHEMETOV BROS.: We very much wish to struggle on UFC, this our purpose in a life and in MMA, but there to get us is necessary the good promoter.

PRO MMA: When is your next MMA fight? Do you have a MMA fight scheduled as of now? When and where?
SHEMETOV BROS.: 25 October we are invited to tournament in Еngland, CFC-4 MMA. Where resist to us Spanish and English fighters.

PRO MMA: When are you coming to America? Would you like to fight MMA here in the U.S.?
SHEMETOV BROS.:Yes we want half fights in America on events in MMA, UFC,..Vitaly us 93 kg,Sergey us +93 kg.

PRO MMA: If you could fight anyone in the UFC who would you want to fight? How would you defeat him?
SHEMETOV BROS.: We are ready to fight with anyone.

PRO MMA: Thank you Sergey and thank you Vitaly for talking with us here at PRO MMA – We wish you the very best. I hope to see you here in America very soon. I know you both are very tough fighters and I believe you can go as far in MMA as you want. Good luck to you both and we will talk to you soon.
SHEMETOV BROS.: Many thanks for interesting interview, very much would be desirable to arrive to America and to act on tournaments MMA.

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  2. I saw few videos of them on internet, those guys are really good, I wish them good luck, and hope they’ll fight in UFC very soon.

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