The other side of Junie Browning

Making the biggest impact on this season of The Ultimate Fighter has to be Junie Allen Browning, a 23 year old Kentucky rough neck who’s personality is defnitely “on the edge.”  He can flip from “chill to kill” at the drop of a hat.  Nicknamed, “The Lunatik”, one doesn’t have to wonder how he got that moniker.

Junie is the young fellow Dana White was referring to when he said, “He makes Chris Leben look like Mother Teresa.”  Junie also talks a big game and the funny thing is, he just might have the skills to back it up…we shall soon see.

Junie has definitely brought some much needed entertainment and excitement back to the Ultimate Fighter.  By most accounts the show had kind of fallen into a rut over the last few seasons.  He may rub some people the wrong way but one of Junie’s goals seems to be to keep things interesting and to put on a good show when he performs.  Well, here’s Junie putting on a show of another kind at some weigh-ins.

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